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Title: Theory about energy transitions through dimensional layers
Post by: labsy on September 02, 2012, 06:22:19 PM
Hi folks,

despite it is waaaay long to be finished, I post a link to my blog about possible new theory about energy transitions through dimension layers. I am conducting some tests and experiments to support my theory, or rather to extract a theory out of successful experiments, but as I say, I am far from having it stable.
One other thing is that I need to advertise my work, so to attract possible donators and investors, and of course to get some critical and constructive comments form you.
So here's the link: (

Theory in short
My theory suspects that energy can freely flow not only inside 3-dimensional world, supported with today's laws of energy preservation during transformation, but it can also flow back and forth from/into one upper dimension. Or rather to the same dimension, where it exists now, but shifted in time. It is like transition of energy from black-hole, where time element is compressed, slowed down in regards to outer spectator, so energy accumulated inside a black-hole in 1 minute of time of outer viewer is enormously larger as energy accumulated in outer viewer's time-space.
As known, electrons can "borrow" energy from future when needed, and my speculations are that in very dense gravitational and magnetic fields a micro black-holes may exist in the matter of energy pumps from future.

Practical tests
I choose the mechanical way of practical testing because it is easiest way for me. I am building ups some different magnetic-based rotation machines, most of them having very similar design as so called free-energy machines, but with some significant difference in details. With these devices not only magnetic attraction/repulsion is used...actually, this basic magnetic property is almost irrelevant in my case - instead, my experiments are focused on producing a short time pulses of very strong magnetic fields. My basic idea is to conduct these tests in Hydrogen atmosphere because of very appropriate H atom construction. This is why I need donations :)

Another test of mine is to convert magnetic energy (static) into electricity, using electron spin energy as a source. As of now I have no exact idea how to conduct this part of experiment myself, but if I manage to connect with one of universities, this part of experiment could lead to production of extremely powerful magnetic battery, like having a million-times more capacity as today's chemical batteries.

Comments, ideas, donations - all welcome!