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My friends !

Let me put here a crazy theory I'm fighting with in my mind for a few years. I believe in law of simplicity - truth must be simple not complicated ! With so many various theories in the past from various persons there must be a "common denominator" , something which is the real fact behind the varous barriers of comprehention.

So here is a preliminary attempt to resolve problem :

What is electric current ? I found that it is nothing more but what we were looking for more then age - longitudinal sound wave in ether. Electrons are small bullets and small magnets pushed by this sound wave. When they are pushed they flip around producing magnetic field ad flip back producing local electric field pulse (dielectric). It is only the matter of experimental checks to see about magnetic field in space aka electro-magnetic  wave to have clear picture of situation , because the bounded spin magnetic field of electrons makes it unnecessary complicated when we use conductors. So finally I want to state this , however I cannot yet prove it:
Ed Leedscalnin was correct about electric current : it is a sound like wave with magnetic part rotating like corkscrew around the center unipolar electric field not undulating (even more , i would state that it's only that magnetic part what is real and electric is a push forward of this screw!) This is basic DC, and it can propagate in space too without resistance - this is scalar wave or longitudinal wave.(proof : various experiments of exploding tiny wires from capacitive discharge described in Tesla article also 'On dissipation of electricity in Hertz oscillator"). Interesting that two kinds should exists : positive and negative depending on rotation direction.

Once scalar wave hit conductor it moves along and depending on frequency it looks like normal electricity or cold current (yes it depends only on that) - cold current being ultra high frequency aka electrostatics.
When disturbed in space (vacuum) it starts to undulating like a spring !, the same if we modulate it - in space it become EM radiation , in conductor we call it - AC current. EM radiation flows in such form in  free space, when we measure it looks exactly how explained in books because the screew peaks with applied modulation looks like a transverse wave and pushing action (electric mode) is also wave-like.
Now you see why radiant energy is so elusive - it is current ! It is hard to make it in air because of ionization catching it and slowing considerably exactly like electrons in conductor but even more (ions are heavier and probably cannot flip in space so freely) - famous stinging effect is because of slow repetition of creating this effect, but in high and ultra high frequency it is electrostatic field.

Now time to solve resistance mystery and bad formulation of energy conservation law !

even if you don't accept my theory please think a little about it. Took me years to comprehend it in such manner. Btw this is probably what James Clerk Maxwell though about originally - a tube of force in space being the elementary etheric flow and a basic for all forces. When we have kind of vortex of a lot of such tubes we have our magnetic field like in permanent magnet.

Together we can formulate theory and correct the missing pieces like comprehension of currently only defined elements like charge, potential , fields like gravity and incorrect definitions like work or badly formulated laws like energy law.[size=0.85em]

Interesting post but still unclear to me.
I recently finished some work on what Dr. Tesla considered 'radiant energy' to be and the thought process that led him there. The short answer is from Tesla’s Latest Roentgen Ray Investigations, Electrical Review, New York 28 No.17, April 22. 1896): '…streams resembling the cathodic must be emitted by the sun and probably also by other sources of radiant energy, such as an arc light or Bunsen burner.'
His theory changed over time and he later saw that the 'radiant energy' was emitted by all stars in the universe rather than just the sun. We are truly awash in a sea of energy.
See attached files. The timeline file needs to be viewed with high screen resolution.
I would surely like to hear your opinions on how this fits into your theory.

This is what Moray thought and used in his Earth and air machine that ran 100 watt light bulb only from an 8 foot high "antenna wire" and a 9 foot ground rod using his special diode and capacitors to collect that energy and convert it usable power . It was reported that as long as the ant and ground are there the out put to light all his 100 watt Edison bulbs with "cold electricity than could flow threw a sheet of glass on the output wires . Very interesting and doable project . If fact it's already been done and is reported that you can make this deice in little modules and 100 of these modules would run your house . two little modules put out over 75watts with a deep ground rod and 60 feet in the air wire hung from trees with insulators .

Do you have links or references where I could find more information about the Moray replication? I'm somewhat familiar with Moray's work and would very much like to look at the replication info.

@thx1138 here you go 
and Moray pdf



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