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Title: Transformer with magnet
Post by: dreamyear on August 01, 2012, 03:31:41 PM

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I got a new idea today (pretty much like every other day) but this one might actually be useful. I was thinking about how to construct my ever evolving motor stator and I realized that a regular transformer might work. I had some 120 VAC to 12VAC Xformers kicking around so I chopped one up. I ordered some ½” X ½” X 2” magnets to fit in the slots.[/size]The idea is to be able to turn the magnets on when the rotor magnet is centered over the transformer. I’m going to orient the same poles towards each other so that they both use the center leg of the transformer as a path back to their opposite pole. As the rotor magnet comes close to the stator pole, it’s attracted to the metal in the transformer. It gets sucked in until it’s right over the pole.At that point the coil gets pulsed so the polarity opposes the flow of the magnets. Now the flow of the two magnets has nowhere to go except out the pole. This then repels the rotor magnet and sends it on its merry way. The thing I like is that when the coil fires, you get both magnets plus the coils flux concentrated right at the pole. That’s a lot of force. As soon as the pulse ceases, everything goes back to normal and the magnetic fields are contained within the core of the transformer once again. Since a magnet is passing the core, there is also an induced field in the coils. How much power is yet to be seen. The pulse would be directed through the 120 volt coil and the 12 volt coil would be used as the load coil. That’s the plan anyway. I’ll start building the rotor and the trigger circuit while waiting for the magnets.Cheers,