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Author Topic: Electrostatic Cooling Effect Resulting in coulumb explosions  (Read 8043 times)

Offline sparks

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    An electrostatic field results in conversion of emradiation introduced within the field into high density energy concentration.  The Hutchinson effect is an example of this.  He introduces directed short-wave high energy bursts of em radiation into a dielectrically stressed field.   The dielectrically stressed field results in the electrostatic cooling effect as demonstrated in various welding techniques where thermal abalation of the metals involved is undesirable.  This same technique is used on the stealth bombers to to transduce micro-wave emradiation from various radar tracking scources into dc potentials to cloak the aircraft in the microwave frequency bands.  Another use on the same vehicle is the electrostatic cooling effect to reduce the heat signature of the vehicle exhaust.  In the hutchinson effect various metals are presented into the es stress field and the maser energy is used to create coulumb explosions within the metal.  This same technique was employed by Stanley Meyer in molecular disassociation of water molecules.  The introduction of hf emradition into the field already stressed by a growing dc potential across the cell resulted in destabilization of the electron valence shell  (no ionization potential needs to be overcome in a coulumb explosion) of the oxegen molecule.  The hydrogen protons then accelerate away from each other due to the lack of electron shielding that established the hydrogen bond angle.  Meyer also used the same process to ionize oxygen and nitrogen using directed emradiation (laser bursts) into a chamber whose walls were electrostatically charged.   Hutchinson uses the process to cause coulumb explosions in various metals resulting in transmutation of the metals.  The electrostatic cooling effect is responsible for his emradiation to remain cool allowing for further energy flux density to be created in the metals under transmutation.  The flying effects are nothing more than magnetic propulsion as large amounts of rf currents are produced in various objects that are superconductive due to the electrostatic cooling field.  This creates large magnetic fields as in all superconductive circuits where thermal photons are taken out of the equation.  Below is a proposed method using an electrostatic antennae that responds to the microwave energy emitted by space itself.