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What is the cheapest way to store electricity ie as ammonia etc

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I was wondering what is the cheapest way to store electricity, ie as liquid ammonia, without any expensive filtering or processing of impurities ... but if the filtering & impurities are cheap & easy to handle, great

Basically I have excess electricity, what is the cheapest & easiest ways of converting that electricity into a storable medium.

Even if the amount of electricity required is excessive, as long as the storage of the electricity is cheap & easy, that too is fine

Basically processes that require Inefficiency & excess amounts of electricity, are also fine, its the final medium to store the electricity in, im really interested in, as inefficiencies & excess electricity, can be worked around

Any help much appreciated


That's the problem with energy. It is difficult to store.

Excess energy could be used to take water up hill so when needed it can used to produce electricity.

An equivalent could be to lift a heavy weight and when needed its energy can be taken back producing electricity.

But no easy way existe to store energy.

Tito L. Oracion:
I think we don't need to store electricity, cause its everywhere all we need is to access it, its always there, just make a special ringing effect.  ;) 

Thanks for the replies, ok just list some mediums to store electricity in, it doesnt have to be easy, as long as it doesnt contain expensive chemicals

Even if the process is electrically prohibitive, ie requires more electricity to store then it generates, thats fine

I cant use batteries, as they require stuff like acid & lead etc.

can you give us a little more detail, how much energy how long.
maybe a budget or why you need to store it.


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