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No need to treat AIDS as it doesn't exist. No joke.

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Before commenting watch these videos and be ready to be surprised.
I know people with HIV, it very much does exist, there is however a very "X-Files"-ish type theory which actually makes sense in a weird suddenly appeared out of nowhere, sure, many sicknesses do that, but this one is very strange as it is a virus, but unlike almost all other viruses, it does not make the infected sick, nor does it randomly attack any other healthy only attacks the immune system, the virus cannot multiply by itself, it actually turns the white cells (anti-viral cells) into viral cells, it evolves individually with every conversion, not generation, it's VERY specific in what it effects, most viruses can spread in many ways, even blood borne ones have been known to become airborne, but this can never, because it's own lifespan is very short and needs protein based fluids to survive, this is called a "virus", yet acts more like a parasite than a virus............many governments including our own U.S.A. have always experimented with bio weapons, what if someone tried to create a proprietary virus, but ended up with something it turned out could not be controlled, because it converts anti-virals into it's own, then become immune to that anti-viral, perhaps it was tested, but unexpectedly got out ???

was it a creation of nature ??? maybe, but it's just too perfect in design and its own behavior is contradictory to its other relatives (a "virus"), no, I and far too many others believe the likelihood it was engineered, but yes, it DOES exist sir

Both videos seem to not be there anymore.   This is old news anyway.   

Quote; " the likelihood it was engineered"
That would be correct. aids was created in Africa by an American Chemist and was synthesized and put into medication to actually give people aids. it was one of the biggest hoax as the actual medications gave them full blown aids. almost like shots now a days that are laced with lead and mercury Derivatives, viruses, harmful bacteria plus all other kinds of vial crap. this is including Flu shots..... Don't get them as they are useless and dangerous.


18 million died in ww1 alone

is war planned and prepared for?

alot of money is profited from war . theres alot of money to be made from disease and from charity . most rich people have their favorite charity because its a tax dodge / avoidance .
If 18 million people did NOT die , then there would be 18 million more unemployed staring at the few who have everything .
the rich gotta have the poor occupied or they just might stop and start to think , then start hanging the rich the same way they dealt to mussolini or the Szars in russia .

its easy to create an enemy youve never met , what better way to get rid of the population than to get them to kill each other .
during peace time the average doctor kills the most people through "medicine"


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