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Author Topic: No need to treat AIDS as it doesn't exist. No joke.  (Read 15894 times)


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Re: No need to treat AIDS as it doesn't exist. No joke.
« Reply #15 on: July 31, 2018, 11:20:28 PM »
I know,  i get it all the time on this troll central site.


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Re: No need to treat AIDS as it doesn't exist. No joke.
« Reply #16 on: August 03, 2018, 12:01:42 PM »
What do you know about the bazillus content from " fresh borned human babies", 
                                                     Everywhere and each! 
from Genevian ABC- konvention view each baby would become declared to an " stratego-tactical weapon" !                                                             Pest,Tuberkulose,.....

Why ? Babies and their not existant Immuno-Defense-System,which only by illness begin to produce Anti-forces , normally based by the white blood-particles !

The danger does not lay in the fact that our body is contaminated from A-Z micro-organismen,it is the quantity that lets differ between in-/sane( ill/ healthy).In mass production then called : infection.

In the 80' the first pictures about the several HIV-virus kinds let me became faszinated about "mother nature evolution" art and let me comparing the object structure from that virus-typus with Hollywoods "Star Wars"-battle spaceships sended out from the mother-ship.
I think that AIDS-illness exist, but nobody dies by the virus for itself, the virus works in fulleren-fashion,it changes-including retard-effect=inkubation( virus passive ) - by sending a kind of electo-magneto -bodyfree- phytoplama                             ~      Pure Information-program( natural biogenese tool)= artificial intelligence
Which enters human cells and let these cells become co-virus-active.
From Buckminster Fuller Geodaesie to Patrick Flanagans " neurophone":works the neurophone neuronal/ electro-magneto-formative similar em-plasma emitting micro organs/ ismen ?
It could become an Anti-AIDS-virusbody-cyberwar-tool.And later the virus body could become transformated to a
Medicinal assistant.
The effect is neutralisation from the own body-immuno-system and this gives the internal and external bazilles and virusses the possibility toweak and finally kill the infected AIDS-Typus illed body (Tuberculose,Hepatitis, et cetera)                       The ill body transforms hisself to a virus/bazillus-massfabricator                                     a biological clone-machine
1959, so it is written and descripted, cames the AIDS virus for the first time to the U.S.A.,imported from Africa.
There , in Africa, they eat chimpanse meat, probably the injection source, but for several habitants not a danger,
Because some africans ,over genetical volutions, transform their body system "AIDS- Zero point negative "= virus- effect- immuno