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Title: water-air composite pressure system
Post by: apurvmj on June 13, 2012, 05:27:23 AM
Hi all,
I,m not proposing any OU machine here but while working on some fluid mechanics problem I come across this.
Here is the question
lets consider we have 3 types of system

1.Closed air tank 1 m3 at 10 bar pressure.
It will have energy = pressure* volume = 10*105*1 = 1000 KJ energy.

2. Water tank of volume 1 m3 and height of water h = 1 m.
It will have energy =  5.04*h2 = 5.04 KJ (h= water head pressure)

3. Now lets say we have 2 m3 of closed volume containing water of 1 m3 and 1 m3 air at 10 bar.
can I say we have energy in water= 5.01*1002 = 50400 KJ (10 bar=100 m of water)
plus when water is out of tank volume of air will be 2 cum at 5 bar.
then energy stored in air (considering isothermal expansion)= 500 KJ
so total 50900 KJ.

Am I doing wrong some where/ everywhere then where is it wrong?
If not why there is so diffrence in energy?