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Title: Overview of the PSEC tuning -Video
Post by: ashtweth_nihilisti on June 02, 2012, 02:39:11 AM
Guys sorry i could not find what section to post this, what a surprise to see the alt health /food and cancer treatments sections here, i want to thank Stefan for having them, we cant have OU with out health, will post a lot of open source stuff in there for you guys over the year. Dont worry more technical stuff coming from us also.Sorry if this is in the wrong section guys please move if so.


Thanks to Ben from Heretical Builders for creating this walk through for open source engineers. Ever since Dr Stiffler put his SEC exciter into the public domain, it has captured the hearts and minds of many tinkers in the open source free energy movement who have all experienced some thing unique with their results, the Doc has put in much of his time and effort to help. The PSEC exciter is definitely not your typical energy transformation phenomena and many anomalies and lessons are there to be learned for all.

So far, we have seen efficiencies present in replications which can only results from an outside influence of energy transformation, if one takes the time to learn the SEC terminology and observe the effects, you will see that we are witnessing a phenomena out side of RF, electricity and or any other known phenomenon.

So far the ability to light up LEDS with out any external power source is possible with this PSEC circuit, however for the home experimenter you will have to expand your mind, and learn how to tune this plus obtain decent equipment to do so, the tuning process will be covered in this video to help you along the way, thanks to the Heretical Builders working together haves produced the following helpful information and it is to the spirit of open source and collaboration we owe what we have so far. Can you participate and help it go further? We invite you to try...
Please familiarize your self with Dr Stiffler's terminologies on his site and go through his videos on his channel for full background.The Panacea University (soon to be re named Panacea Technical) has a background course on the SEC and has kept (for historical records) a chronology and history of the vast work Dr Stiffler has done to help educate the open source free energy movement in the SEC exciter technology. Panacea is looking for sponsors abroad to help with donation of equipment or funds to help get the PSEC tuned (for Ben) and taught publicly, if you can assist us in ANY way please contact us, we will use all benefits to benefit the public from our educational goals.

Thanks again to Ben and Heretical Builders for this resource.
Title: Re: Overview of the PSEC tuning -Video
Post by: gravityblock on September 02, 2013, 03:27:49 PM
An evanescent wave ( is a near-field wave with an intensity that exhibits exponential decay without absorption as a function of the distance from the boundary at which the wave was formed.  In optics and acoustics, evanescent waves are formed when waves traveling in a medium undergo total internal reflection at its boundary because they strike it at an angle greater than the so-called critical angle.  In quantum mechanics, the evanescent-wave solutions of the Schrödinger equation give rise to the phenomenon of wave-mechanical tunneling (

The evanescent wave coupling takes place in the non-radiative field near each medium and as such is always associated with matter; i.e., with the induced currents and charges within a partially reflecting surface. This coupling is directly analogous to the coupling between the primary and secondary coils of a transformer, or between the two plates of a capacitor. Mathematically, the process is the same as that of quantum tunneling, except with electromagnetic waves instead of quantum-mechanical wavefunctions (this is a direct link to Znidarsic's quantum transitional speed of 1.094 Mhz m/s and the Z series generated in the SEC).  It is concluded that the transmitted wave must be a non-vanishing solution to Maxwell's equations that is not a traveling wave, and the only such solutions in a dielectric are those that decay exponentially: evanescent waves.  The evanescent wave is a standing wave, essentially a static stress-energy or "pressure" gradient.

A typical application is resonant energy transfer (, useful, for instance, for charging electronic gadgets without wires, such as passive RFID tags and contactless smart cards. A particular implementation of this is WiTricity. The same idea is also used in some Tesla coils.   One of the applications of the resonant transformer is for the CCFL inverter, which is an electrical inverter that supplies alternating current power to a cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL).  Have a look at this site on magnetic resonance (

Based on the above information, I propose a simple method to change the electric and magnetic resonant frequencies of short wire pairs (,d.cWc) by using a left-handed metamaterial (LHM), such as an Arlon Diclad 880 (, which is placed inside a metallic waveguide in order to achieve a negative effective permeability μr, and an array of conducting continuous wires for achieving a negative effective permittivity εr.  This LHM structure has a dielectric substrate with different metal strips on both sides, of which the electric and magnetic resonant frequencies can be controlled by adjusting the length of each metallic wire.  The spatial resonance frequency of the coils in the SEC should match the magnetic resonance frequency of the LHM, preferably at the natural background frequency of 13.7 Mhz.

Title: Re: Overview of the PSEC tuning -Video
Post by: gravityblock on September 03, 2013, 01:17:41 AM
Compare the flashes of light   in this video on the Principles of the Optical Maser starting at 3m. 50s. ( to the video on DARPA's secret weapons starting at 9m. 35s. (  The background frequency can be ampified like a maser by using a LHM.   

Title: Re: Overview of the PSEC tuning -Video
Post by: gravityblock on September 03, 2013, 01:46:12 AM
Two parallel maser beams will give off atomic energy while warping time and space at the point where they touch each other.

Title: Re: Overview of the PSEC tuning -Video
Post by: antimony on October 14, 2017, 06:09:51 PM
Hey guys. I have recently gotten into Dr Stifflers work, and i have been reading up on what pdfs and videos and what has been written on the forums, but i would like to Come in contact with some body that have experience with the SEC Exciter technology, and that are willing to talk with me about these things that i cant quite figure out.

Thanks in advance