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Great info PDF file about TPU MEG And Rodin coil technology !

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Somebody from youtube sent me this link to a great PDF file

about the Steven Marks TPU , MEG and Rodin coil technology.

Hope you like it too.

Over 400 pages of very detailed research !

Regards, Stefan.

Awesome book!   Just have taken a quick look so far but I think it looks like someone put in some very serious research time here to create all this.  It also includes quite a lot of Don Smith info in there.  Thanks Stefan!   Does anyone know the author of this book?  I see an email for him but is it anyone on this forum or the UK overunity forum? 

Сергей В.:
Thanks Stefan

ewizard from energeticforum uploaded it on free hosts

ps. Also very interesting information for Don Smith device !!

Hello again, I have also read this paper very interesting especially the VTA and Rodin part...
He describe the VTA like two orthogonal coil like this:
One (The actuator) influence the magnet field and the other coil (The pickup) create an EMF not from the actuator but from the disrupted field of the magnet... Theoretically it should work since two field at 90° each other doesn't interact (no coupling) together...
An orthogonal inductor with and embedded magnet should give the same result also...
I also must not in the TPU/Tesla transformer he confound obviously Watts and Vars and high risk of false measurement due to phase shift and saturation of his transformer...

Hello there,
I've just finished reading this work and i can say it was interesting and worth reading.It's nice to see that there are other "fanatics" out there. New theories and ideas are always welcome.
I think that the TPU will never let me really go.
I'll try to contact the author to clarify some things i don't understand  before i'll say something but first i have to say thanks to all other members here that have done such a great work and put so much effort in search for the secrets of the TPU


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