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Great info PDF file about TPU MEG And Rodin coil technology !

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Great!  :o  Thanks Stefan...

Can somebody else post the PDF link.
Stefan's link at the very top doesn't work.


--- Quote from: FatBird on November 28, 2012, 02:44:00 PM ---Can somebody else post the PDF link.
Stefan's link at the very top doesn't work.

--- End quote ---

Well, looked through the info...

What I know from several replicators of the MEG, it does not work.

As far as the information on the TPU in this .PDF, laughable.  Why not just take the friggin inventors words and all of the non public information and help the few of us still working on this, to experiment?  Instead, taking only so called "clues" from the pictures, of a style of TPU that did not work very well and went out of control, and attempt to "figure it out".  Sheesh.. really?

Anywho, just my humble little opinion.  A dead end.  I have hope in Cuenco, and in my own moving forward with TPU experiments.  I also have video of another TPU, designed after a similar fashion, but yet different.  It is two years old, the video that is.  Not based on the Steven Mark TPU, but some very similar items, ie... antenna, resonance, etc.  I have a second video and notes taken by a friend who spoke first hand with the inventor.  I am hoping that once I have those in hand and go through them, it will further help me to understand the SM TPU, to make one work.


Hello there,
as i said it was interesting reading but i totaly agree with you Bruce, it will never work this way.
One major problem i see here is the fact that there are some public infos and also non public.Why non public ?
The more clues one have the more can one perhaps understand how the tpu works.I think that all the info about the tpu should be open source, it's the only way we can advance in our search for a working tpu.I said it was a great work because it shows the work of one guy who is trying to understandhow it works even he has not all clues, but he's not giving up and that's what i think it's a great work.I for my self still don't know the basic principle of operation of the tpu but there are others that may know that( saw a post on other forum about non public infos were was stated that the basic principle of operation is known by those guys).As far as i know in the videos released there is a moment where SM is talking about the principle but one can't hear anything.


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