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Radiant Electriciy Generated with Spark Gaps and Induction Coils - Theory

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I wanted to post a document that might explain how the radiant energy devices work. See attached PDF document.


--- Quote from: bajac on May 08, 2012, 01:14:01 AM ---I wanted to post a document that might explain how the radiant energy devices work. See attached PDF document.

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   I believe that all resonance used by Tesla et al. is to convert small gains at high voltage and frequency to usable current.  Parametric resonance.  A spark gap can capacitively couple a primary power scource with a secondary.  The energy is transferred to the secondary which is ringing at the desired frequency.  The current and voltage in the secondary can become thousands of magnitudes that of the input very quickly.  Say your input is 60hz ac 20kv.  You want  8million volts at 1 megaherz.  You build your secondary to be resonant at 1 megahertz and attach through the gap to the 60hz 20kv supply.  Over a period of time the secondary will climb to 8million volts 80 or 90 amp 1 megahertz.  This is no different than spinning up a flywheel with a little motor, waiting then coupling the flywheel to a big generator. You can go the other way also and spin the flywheel up with a big motor for a short time and have the little generator put out for a long time.  No magic.  But say you are pickingup in the spark gap itself 1 microwatt per secondary cycle.  The secondary is being fed this microwatt one million times a second for a gain of 1watt second.  No big deal we need killowatt hours.  Say that gap is picking up 1 watt per secondary cycle.  Now your talking.  That's a million watt seconds.  One million watts for one second or 1 watt for a million seconds.  100 times 10 to the 4th divided by 36 times 10 to the second.  Just about enough to power a small 1/2 horsepower motor all day.  You can burn atomospheric nitrogen in a spark gap for gain.  Not a good thing.  Plenty of oxidized nitrogen around from combustion engines.  The emradiation from a spark gap is evidence that electrons are slowing down there.  An electron in a higher orbital is dropping to a lower one.  This is an exothermic process.  Could an electric field act as a catalyst in cooling electrons.  The electrons fall to a lower orbital and voila photon generation.  The field extracts enough energy from the electron so that it takes the plunge. This emits emradiation from whatever excited the electron to begin with.  (big bang?)  The photon emitted by the cooled electron now radiates and is absorbed by surrounding atoms.  They take the leap the other way going excited and then cooled but they drop two shells because of electrostatic cooling.  Pretty soon there is a shitload of emradiation coming out of that gap. This energy and wavelength is enough to ionize the atoms of the gas and in the gap plasma begins to form.  The plasma is highly conductive and the gap will short unless a magnetic field is employed to control it's structure.
That plasma when condensed into a hot gas can easily radiate one watt of power.  The surface of the sun is said to be hot.  This is crap.  It's warm.  The corona is hot.  This is where the plasma changes phase into a thermally hot gas.  The fusion process within the sun produces less thermal heat per volume than the metabolic conversion of a sloth.  It's just that it's alot of volume. How can something this diffuse produce millions of degrees.  The energy is stored in a magnetcally confined plasma which gets hotter and hotter as plasma goes.  This plasma is not magnetically confined perfectly.  Some of it finds it's way to the coronasphere where it converts into a thermally hot gas.  This conversion of the plasma to a gas is accompanied by production of atoms.  Magnetic storms on the surface of the sun allow for huge amounts of plasma to migrate from the normal cellular structrue of the solar plasmasphere.  This causes a large conversion of plasma into gas and a solar flare is born.  Pieces of the plasma can be accelerated by the magnetic storm and remain as plasma reaching the earth where they encounter earths mag field and slow down and combine into atoms accompanied by emradiation.  Good energy transport scheme.

Sparks, I do not understand the point you are trying to make. If you read the document, do you have any comment about it? What do you agree or disagree with? Is there anything that you consider of interest in the document? Look at the document as something different from what you have learned?

It is interesting to compare the circuit disclosed by Edwin Gray and the Tesla patent #568,176 dated September 22, 1894. I have attached the first page of the patent. As shown on this page, Fig. 1 is a circuit consisting of inductors, capacitor, transformer (Tesla's), and a controller (interrupter). See a pattern? ==> High voltage capacitor (H), controller C (functioning as the spark gap), primary wires K (functioning as the electrodes), and secondary wire L (acting as a grid).

  I did read your post and appreciate the amount of work invested in this post.  Certainly a high voltage field is involved in many of the devices under consideration for energy collection.  Eric Dollard describes a wave produced by Tesla that is infinite in magnitude and infintesimal in length.  Such a wave could  be considered as existing in the emradiation spectrum well above gamma.  Moray also believed that his system was working with frequencies well above gamma.  Tesla's wave would appear to produce an electrostatic field because there is no sensible time variant amplitude to the wave,  when what is being considered an electrostatic field is a large number of  waves with infinite amplitude and infintesimal wave length.  These waves would terminate at the conductor.  The closest thing I can describe these as are transient voltage spikes generated at different times.  We know that the electric fields associated with uv frequency wavelength radiation is very capable of ionizing atoms due to the fields interference with the columb force that exists between the neucleus and the atom.  Shorter wavelengths affecting smaller and smaller scale until we get to gamma and this field is enough to effect subatomic particle structure.  I believe this electrostatic field we see in many of the devices is somehow disrupting the normal flow of energy which may well be a "universal" frequency of which all matter is a product of.  Matter as we now it basically a subeat of this frequency.


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