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Radiant Electriciy Generated with Spark Gaps and Induction Coils - Theory

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 Why did Mr. Gray place the carbon resistor (30) inside the energy conversion element (14)?
The integration of dissimilar materials [such as the carbon resistor (30) and the electrode (32)] might also help on minimizing the radiation effect resulting from electrode (32). Because the carbon has a lower atomic mass than the metals, it should have higher exciting energy. I am assuming that materials with higher charge densities should also have lower exciting energy levels. If this is the case, the resistor (30) could decrease the level of the residual electrostatic voltage induced with respect to the electrode (32). Because the vacuum tube rectifier (28) blocks any current coming from the negatively charged electrode (32), the latter can remain charged due to the small parasitic capacitance existing between this electrode and the other two elements; the electrode (12) and the grid (34). Any residual charge will generate a parasitic voltage between the elements of the energy conversion device (14) that can negatively affect the performance of the capacitor (16). The effect of this residual voltage is to oppose the voltage of the capacitor (16) when the contact in the distributor (26) closes the circuit. In other words, the voltage between the spark gap electrodes (12 & 32) is the voltage of the capacitor (16) minus the voltage of the battery (40) minus the residual electrostatic voltage. If the residual electrostatic voltage reaches a critical level; it can kill the radiant phenomenon.


 Read and enjoy. This is what gray was hiding.

jbignes5, thanks for the information. I glanced it and looks very interesting. It will take me some time to finish it reading.

It seems that the article explains the power gains based on plasma events. However, it does not explain the power gain of the over unity apparatus using induction coils, only.

Thanks again!bajac.


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 Read and enjoy. This is what gray was hiding.

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 Here is the drawings of the gray tube properly designed.

 figure 18.

Well the title is "Radiant Electriciy Generated with "Spark Gaps" and Induction Coils"
 So generate the radiant energy via spark gap then harvest via induction coil(s). Very simple...

    A spark gap is a multispectrum transmitter.  It is powered by electron rest mass conversion to kinetic energy. Pick a frequency setup an antennae and tune to the thousands of frequencies obtainable in a spark gap emission.  Tesla's greatest contribution to radio was the utilization of electrical resonance both in the transmitter and receiver.  He patented the whole idea of channels.  They had wireless transmission of information via morse code.  This was discovered by accident when relay points on telegraph stations would complete circuits without the armature moving.  The plasma would short the input relay contacts and allow the output relay to energise.  They realized that you didnt need a complete circuit to convey information,  Without Tesla's invention there was total chaos in the information systems due to the large number of messages being sent via multispectrum emissions.  Tesla gave us the resonate electrical service to filter out all the messages except those on a specific carrier wave.  This allowed receivers and transmitters to simoultaneously transmit information instead of waiting for other stations to shutup.


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