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Radiant Electriciy Generated with Spark Gaps and Induction Coils - Theory

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--- Quote from: AlienGrey on March 29, 2017, 05:33:58 PM ---It's a simple fact the base of the Tesla coil is CURRENT (Amps) and the Topend is High Voltage, BEMF is produced when the magnetic field collapses in the drive coil, the lower the circuit resistance in the on off switch the higher the BEMF. If you experimented you would already know that.


--- End quote ---

Ok, im not 100% sure that i understand what you mean, but it clarified alot thou. I am going to check it out.

Yesterday i tried to put a ground on the base pin of my TIP3055 flyback driver, and the amp draw decreased by 0,2A, to 0,6A, while the small 11 watt bulb lit up a bit more, (~5%).

Did this lower the circuit resistance in the driver, or do i understand it all wrong?

From my POV, whenever there is a BEMF, there is a strong pull during which "the ground" becomes the positive pole. As its potential is the same as before, the BEMFs negative pole must be more negative than the ground. Therefor current may flow out of the ground. Same thing with lightnings that start at the ground.

A BEMF also pulls in other kinds of forces, radiant forces for instance.

Experimenting with a 3kV Sparkgap, shocking a graphite core, I observed strange reduction of power consumption: a coil around the core was pulsed at maybe 15kHz with short duty, the BEMF rectified and fed back into the battery, that run the whole 555+npn pulser unit. Even tho the 555 alone draws 10 mA at least, this circuit run for hours and barely drained the battery.
I had a strong feeling that the sparkplug and its cable that run diamerticly trough the coil, somehow greatly beefed up the BEMF.

Other things were: sparkgap increased in frequency and loudness, (a 3kV module running from seperate 3*1.5V batteries) despite the batteries voltage that you would expect to fall.


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