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Title: Hi guys:)
Post by: orgawispari on April 17, 2012, 02:08:21 AM
Hello dear friends how are all of you doing? by now I´m doing my first writing on this board, lively community that you have here!:)
I will head to my presentation, I´m Antony, I´m from Cambridge, for a living I'm taking a semester on other state at the time on Computer Engenieering to obtain my PHD.
I adore football as well as taking naps lol, and I also enjoy a lot Placebo, my greatest hobbie right now is playing online poker, as most of you...I think....and also magic the gathering.
The main reason I registered here to find new concepts to my individual  blogs cause you guys have many fascinating threads here, but off course I will participate activatly in all of the threads in the forum!!!!!
I will also apologize for my english it was the only way I found to communicate with you guys....
And for now Is all I can say, cause work by shifts and so I have to rest a while..............Just hope you apreciated my new post.
Untill tomorrow to you all, See you guys tomorrow!