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2nd "law" violations > Heat to electric energy conversion


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Philip Hardcastle:

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For those interested, following my success in isothermal heat to power conversion at 500C (the sebithenco device) I have now progressed to a solid state technology just a few nm thick and 1,000,000,000x more powerful, and at room temperature to boot.


Philip Hardcastle:
Previously we had expected to make a public announcement in early May 2012, however we have revised our plans and now have scheduled to make available a full press release on June 11 (2012), to the extent that we can, without harming IP rights, we will also publish certificates, lab reports and video of operating devices. Obviously until patents are issued we are restricted on what we can divulge re the detail of the device but we expect full details to be available before the launch of the eternal battery product (once the battery is available we see that keeping secrets will be futile as the device can be STM probed).

A few people have contacted me re distribution of the 1.2V eternal hearing aid battery product we will be releasing in the 2nd half of 2012, we advise that at this stage we have no plans to sell the batteries other than via our own e-commerce site, however for larger power units (not planned for commercial release before 2013) we will be interested to hear from interested parties following the press release in June.

Philip Hardcastle:
I have received a few questions as to why hearing aid batteries, why not something bigger?

The answer is that the simplest first product to make is a quenco with virtually no complexity and immediately usable, with about 50million hearing aids being used in the World there is clearly a need for an eternal cell, the cost of people buying the disposable batteries comes to far more than $100 a year if the aid is used frequently / continuously, so $100 for an eternal battery is economical and practical (no more having the aid stop working for a flat battery).

If we assume that 1 in 10 decide to use a quenco cell then that is $500 million of sales which can then be pumped back in to more powerful products. Additional sales of cells are also anticipated simply as you could buy them for any application you want, and it may be that sales of cells for alternate use might exceed hearing aid use 10:1. Overall as a simple means into the market and a demonstration device a hearing aid battery is a reasonable choice.

Also I do not plan to personally make quenco much beyond the first year, I envisage the advancement of the fundamental technology to be done by many organisations (or individuals), so I do not wish to set up a complex production facility, it would be fun to do many things but it would be silly to even try to do it all myself.

So for those that think I should make a unit to power a house I think they need to understand that large scale quenco devices will need highly specialised production equipment known as roll to roll ALD, furthermore a lot of engineering is required to go from an enabling technology to commercial product and that necessarily involves teams of people and man years of work.

Reminds me of this article:


And as you say once your product hits the market it won't take long before it's reversed engineered and sold probably MUCH cheaper especially in China where IP is nearly non existent so I see why you're asking price for a single cell is so high, cash in while the exclusivity lasts eey.
Well I wish you luck and I hope we'll be seeing these cells in all our devices soon.

Philip Hardcastle:
Thanks Broli,

I agree that the price will plummet (whether from pirating or scale) and the power output will increase dramatically in year 2, that is what I wish for. I can only hope that China will adopt quenco for utility scale power generation as soon a possible, even if I get no monetary return. We need to have significant reduction in coal power generation in China and other countries if we are going to have any chance of avoiding cataclysmic global warming.

Being 100% genuine about all this, the money from the eternal cells will simply be insurance so that if governments fail to engage with me for the common good then I can make sure that quenco can be developed for the people, ie I can use the money from battery sales to set up large scale production to sell as cheaply as possible large quenco for home power and such.

What would be ideal is for me to step aside asap and let those capable of doing production on a war time scale take it over, even if I get only 0.01% of what the IP is worth, after all how much money can a rational person want for their own personal use? With the launch in June and all the certificates from govt recognized bodies attached, I hope that I can sit down with scientific and government bodies / organisations with a view to mass production in all countries as an urgent agenda.

I have been asked by email a few times now to give details re the quenco but I will not do so until after all the full patents are filed, all the lab work is finished and written up, and certainly not prior to the launch in June, what I am willing to divulge is that quenco is simple and that almost any company of modest size could tool up to make it. I estimate in mass production quenco film (using roll to roll ALD) will be less than a cent per Watt, and I hope we can drive it down to 0.1c /W.


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