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Title: Q: MEG with two coils [teoretical project]
Post by: ChrzaniK on April 03, 2012, 10:52:40 AM
Hallo all inventors and electronic engineers

I was thinking about specific coils connections in the MEG. I make a diagram but not sure it is OK. So I want to ask You a question about my new project.
What errors do You see?
(Maybe it is well know for someone... Maybe it is on forum?)

Ok I will show my project step by step for better understending.

First - the original MEG:
( ([url=] (

Modification to two coils: (

My circuit (one half): (

My circuit (two halfs): (

My circuit (one generator): (

My circuit (final): (

My circuit (final + optimalized): (

Thanks for watching.

I do a simulator circuit, of course it didnt work beacuse there is a ordinary transformer insteed of MEG. (

Waiting for Your opinion.