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Author Topic: Geet Fuel Processor  (Read 11425 times)

Offline Robert

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Geet Fuel Processor
« on: March 31, 2012, 04:57:16 PM »
Runs on water;

Runs on beer and coffee;
(His motor stops because the fuel level is too high and enters the intake.)


 GEET releases Technology for FREE!

 Paul & Molley Pantone, founders of Global Environmental Energy Technology and GEET Management, LLC, recently released their "Small Engine Plans" (< 20 HP) for FREE! This is a shareware release for "Private Use Only" to convert small gasoline stationary electric generators up to 10 kW! High school students with no technical background have been able to successfully build and run an engine over a weekend from the plans.

 They are doing this to benefit mankind and to help save lives if Y2K electrical supply problems are a reality. They will also accept voluntary contributions if builders would like to donate the original plans cost of $75 to help defer costs of developing larger versions for the market faster. Due to high costs, only licensed users that pay the $75 will receive technical support. A newsgroup is set up for builders that have the free plans to share experiences through. A 900 number is also being considered if needed for technical support for the free plans.

 The GEET Fuel Processor, it is a simplified "Plasma Reformer" that takes any hydrocarbon fuel or waste product and transforms it into Hydrogen rich "Synthetic Natural Gas". The "Small Engine Plans" will show how parts can be purchased and then built from plumbing parts from any local hardware store. Benefits include Multi-Fuel availability, and up to 99% lower emissions and double the run time or MPG!

 This technology has the ability to be retrofitted to any internal combustion engine, including any gasoline, diesel, or turbine engine. Plans for larger versions will still be available through GEET Dealers (and TeslaTech, Inc) to convert one vehicle for $175 or 10 vehicles $650, and deluxe plans are $950. Specialized parts (reaction chambers, air management valves, etc) are now available for purchase for people unable to make their own parts and will come in 4 sizes to retrofit most cars, trucks, etc.

Offline Robert

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Re: Geet Fuel Processor
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2012, 05:00:02 PM »
Easy to build...