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Anyone Heard Of A 'Magnetic Iron Wire Oscillator'?

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I'm sorry to start yet another thread but my request is specific - and if I've read enough - not addressed on this forum. 
Suppose someone created a sort of natural oscillator using magnets as part of the CONDUCTIVE path? This seems to be the case with the Coler device, as well as the Roy Meyer invention.  You may have magnets electrically connected by conductive iron wire going into oscillation by a magnetic flow inducing an electric flow and switching back and forth.
Anyone remember the comments about the TPU "using bailing wire"? (likely steel/iron). Recall comments that the TPU was very simple? That nearly all of it could be purchased at Radio Shack?
Has anyone else heard of such ideas or devices? There could be others early in the history of electrical discovery.

If you remember back in the 1960's they had audio stereo reverberation units
that were mechanical spring devices with a magnetic transducer at each end.
These were simplified version of the acoustic-delay-lines used for computer
data storage back then. These created an electrical phase delay measured
in seconds. Place a phase delay in the feedback loop of an operational amplifer
and you have an oscillator. Later bubble memory made use of control of actual
purely magnetic domains.


Bob Smith:
Seems many of us have been dancing around this idea for quite awhile in relation to the Leedskalnin PMH, Tito's Energy Amplification setup, Steven Mark's TPU, and there are others...
Here's a link to the Hans Coler material:
It's the first item, and there's a nice replication photo from an unknown German developer.
Dave45 has made lots of suggestions, and Magluving has done some experimenting with shorted bifi wires (tho' I think they were copper). However, the idea of resonance with self-capacitance comes in with his setup (in relation to replicating Tito's work).
We just need someone to break thru in this area to help us all get to the next level.

Bob Smith:
Microcontroller, you energetic roller!
A challenge, is this? Or am I amiss?
Okay, I'm gonna stop - too late in the day for poetic waxing, but maybe later...
To be truthful, I've tried different setups with varying degrees of success, but the ones that have been fruitful have involved copper wire.
That said, I've come to some conclusions which I'd like to pull together --
1. Iron is capable of picking up the earth's magnetic field - no secret there.
2. Metal wire can pick up radiant energy from the sun, and this radiant energy can be scaled up, voltage multiplied using caps and diodes - no secret there either.
3. Pulsed DC at the right frequency with sharp transient pos and neg spikes can create an imbalance in the aether, and with the right setup, the aether will pour in cold electricity in its efforts to restore the balance - old hat for anyone who's watched Bearden's videos or read his work.
4. The AV plug has a useful place in harnessing cold electricity (and blocking out the hot).
5. A Tesla pancake coil has important properties...
6. Here's a thought: what is our best battery - is it earth's ambience? What does this really mean for lead-acid batteries?
I'll leave it at that for now.  Still trying to pull it all together.

Bob Smith:
Point well taken, MC.
The items I elaborated are the fruit of my earnest search, which has taken on a kind of personal "desafio" characteristic - "desafio" is "challenge" in Spanish, but broader, and for me more all-encompassing call, to which I freely respond. It's what's learned in the process - in all aspects of personhood and knowledge - is what is important; not winning or losing, as you note.
Thank you for your gracious clarification. I shall regard you as an ally then in this striving pilgrimage of sorts.


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