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Why no one is selling self running magnetic generators

i want to ask you all the members of this great website

what free energy supposed to be for ????

for rich people or for the very poor people like in Somalia and Palestine ,etc

who dont have even the normal electricity which u have in ur home

why no one feel them
why people are becoming more selfish day by day

can you tell me what is ur goal in ur life ??
it will no go outside of this
 ( money, rich - celebrity - archiving something no archived before so i look smarter ,better ) right ?

dont say im doing this for the world dont lie to urself and to the world
for 7 years till now i didnt see someone or any company selling any self running magentic generators no one

 yeah ,,i forgot about something
there is a scammer who is selling a book on how to do it and keep taking any free energy device and puting it and ive downloaded it ...i dont know how to describe it
magniwork  magnetfor home blablablbabla he is making alot of websites

even the overunity shop doesnt have till now any members prototype generators


why putting ur knowledge in the closet whyy
and why comparing the prices with photocells ......poor people even dont even heard about it come on

USA UK AUSTRALIA all this big countries actually dont even need a free energy
come on wake up and watch the people who is dieing everyday
and the one who dont have electricity to pull the water from underground

i swear if i know how to do this

i would make a step by step tutorial on how to make 2 or 3 kw self-running generator
even someone who dont have any knowledge at all can make it
and put it for the rest of the world

i realy feel so bad that i dont know so i can help those people


<and the one who dont have electricity to pull the water from underground>
For doing this build a Bellocq pump. PatNr 1,730,337

thank u for the reply i think they need something like the electric pump
we have it

but they dont even have electricity there to use it

i see no one else replied this is the proof that

WHo GIve a dam About Those PEople

it is not my business

uff there is nothing important hear for me

and so on

too bad that this is a truth too bad

Well, read it, and thought, how can one think that way. The people here do experiments for their own money, using their own time, only in the interest of other people, getting no benefit of it whatsoever, never will get. And it is a hard work. And they must earn living at that. Must be good people. It's amazing that there still are people who do these experiments. Not enough to repeat many experiments, no wonder. And there are so many different ones. And there are fake ones, useless ones, all take efforts away. These people doing the research do more for other people for free, than most of the people ever do. No wonder the things will not move ahead fast. And still not good enough. Rich people, take someone here who does a serious work and support one, and you may get your free energy devices, many of them.

It's like, these people can get their money by selling the fruits growing on that tree at the top of that high mountain, where is near impossible to go. While i am smarter, and use my time to get money more easily. But that tree, it grows new fruit all the time, so they can get for themselves, and also give to others.


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