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The real reason is nobody here has made anything that actually works as an OU device and can be duplicated .  Its that simple.

Well, even if that's true, they try to do. Some do, i'm not talking about hoaxers. And research is important, even if it doesn't produce any energy, serious research i mean.

Overunity, different people may mean different things by that. What i mean is just that the energy comes from an unknown source. If one understands it so that the energy comes from nowhere, then it sure may be a stupid effort that  can never succeed. Assuming that the law of the conservation of energy is true exactly as it is written. I never said that it isn't. But then again, the laws become more advanced in time, like the Newton laws, it later appeared that they apply precisely as they are, only for some restricted case. Inevitably it is all about research.

thanks theCell,

here is the only ( origial) footage of the pum in operation, dated 1927:


Very strange that it is not used today...


Wie kommt das Wasser fuer die Sanitaeranlagen die Skyscraper hoch,Kator01 ?
The rate of flow through the plant in this embodiment is approximately 90,000 gallons per minute which has a power generation potential of about 680 h.p. for each power generation unit installed
9,000 gallons per minute   68   h.p.
  900 gallons per minute    6,8 h.p.

Hallo werter LancaVI,

keine Ahnung, ich habe mich nicht damit beschäftigt, kann mich aber an den Hydromat erinnern.
Mein Fokus ist auf elektromegnetischen Systemen.

Ich hoffe, es geht Ihnen gut




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