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    Gruesse zurueck an Sie ,wohl noch im bayrischen Fuenf-Seen-Oberland ansaessig!?
 Wenn ich gerade aus dem Fenster schaue habe ich auch einen See im Blickfeld,den atlantischen See,im Dunstgewand.

    Macro-or micro electro-magneto dynamic transducers ?
Focused(optical ? magnetical ? mental?) by the "High,Higher,Highest Society" earning potentials or the salvation capacity about billions of "1US$pd/10US$pd/.." U.N.-singular individuals ?
I am well but it could be better and I am working -softly and conditioned- for the progress.
Skyscraper :sanitation water lifting step-by-step device by cascade by hydrodynamic or
also called thermosyphon:
Lift:ground=zero -  first floor-          second floor-        third  .......

Lifting device : 1step. groundzero to firstfloor : first floor platform
                     2.step first floor = new groundzero to
                     from 1.step view ? from 2.step view ?
                     3. step .........
                     and so on
        step by step becoming higher: 2 steps hdf forward+1 step chdf backwards
        capsula-rocket flight step-by-step inertia/acceleration start-target process ?

            the b/emf counter-/clock-wise ac-/deceleration process :                                           
capacitor~water coil~lifting device as step-up transducer; f.e. seriell and parallel array

                    it seemed laminar but it was turbulent
                   it seemed turbulent but it was laminar

vale bene,dynamical                                                                                                       OCWL
                    ........  let it flow,let it flow,let it flow
How behaves the flying/flowing process( incl.angles) of bumerang and "bola"(cowboys tool) .


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