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Title: DIY and Save
Post by: protonmom on March 03, 2012, 12:47:01 AM
I have several DMMs and Analog meters.....only because they kept going bad on me.  I had an Innova and an Etek which both were unusable because the numbers just kept cycling and never stopped nor recorded properly even though they had new batteries and new fuses.   Thus, I had to buy new meters.  But today I thought maybe I would  take a look at them on the inside, and I am glad I did.  I just cleaned all the open gold, copper and or silver traces and connections with some rubbing alcohol and q-tips very carefully.  Then I put them both back together and Voila!  they now work again!  (Be careful of the two very tiny bearings under the dial or you could lose them)  So then I decided to try it on my analog meter (which just would not measure anything at all) and it, too, now works.  I wish I had thought to try that before buying new meters, but at least now I have some spares....and they all work very nicely!  Saved myself some money today.  Hope that helps someone else who has a meter that has gone bonkers.