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I got these messages from a youtube user:


Here is another message:

I give to you and all OU friends information for Inogda TPU replication
 Inogda TPU have dimensions 6 inch x 4 inch. The collector was made from copper bar 2,8mm x 6 mm (depth and height).
 Copper bar dimensions
 length: Outer -- 478,536мм
 length: Inner -- 319,024мм
 length: change of the base ~55мм (one, you need 2 = ~110мм)
 altogether: 907,56 (take two pieces 950мм -- remainders go on two leads
 This is for one ring!!
 Three driving coils. The lengt of winding in each coil must be ~ 24мм (Important: not longer from 24mm!!)
 The driving coil have two opposite windings. Take for primary multiple-core cable 0,7-0,9мм isolation must be fluoroplastic.
 Take 2 fluoroplastic wires each lenght 4,2м. Wind both together - bifilar winding (end of first wire to begin of second. This is for primary. The secondary winding also must be from fluoroplastic. Take for secondary fluoroplastic multiple-core cable minimum 0.5мм. You can use 0.7мм, lenght is 10.5м.
 You need to wind in meters not in turns.
 First wind secondary winding then turn the coil 180 degree around his axis and wind primary bifilar. Do it for all three driving coils. The angle between body axis on collector you know 120 degree between coils. The temperature of driving coils is about 50 degrees. Check the correct polarity of windings with compass. The magnetic fields from primary and secondary must be opposite each other !!
 Don't touch collector when it work and don't move Z axes of collector !! The Z axes must have direction up.Must look to stars !!
 The collector rings must be well isolated with several layers of fluoroplastic or better thermo isolator. This is the most important. Don't put hands or head in the center of TPU when is working. It's very danger. You should to know that you will make a very strong torsion field and don't put any diodes on output. This device is not a toy. Remember what Stiven Mark said anout power of torsion field. I will tell you that with this kind of torsion field you can change the atomic structure of matery when the field is modulated on the right way!!
 The device must have emergency switch. Explosion of 700 gm. of copper is equivalent to 1000 kg TNT. So don't use 3 frequencies !!
 You must to have several stages sharp LC filters in all power leads of generator and output stage of MOSFETS. Use the best quality parts especially condensers, HV-MOSFETS with shortest transition times and MOSFET drivers. Use HV-condensers of min 630V with best dielectric you can find.
 The you need good quality HF pulse generator from 0 to 10MHz with very fast rise and fall pulse times. Remember the collector start working when you pulsing driving coils from 430KHz and up to 2.5 MHz. This is for copper rings. The tuning is very sharp because TPU device use principles of NMR so you must have very smooth and continious regulation of frequency and phases. You will work with one frequency and three phases. (Not 3 frequencise) The phases must overlap between each other min 10% of pulse width. Build good 3 channel phase shifter from 0-30% between each two. You need to have independent smooth regulation of each phase.
 Start-up with 10% overlap and when sweep frequency from up to down . From 2.5 MHz down. The lower limit is 430KHz. The correct oscillogram for collector you can find on site Also the positions of driving coils and many interesting infos. Use extremely big cooler with good computer fans for cooling output MOSFETS with very small termal to ambient resistance.
 Trim frequency and phase overlap for maximum outpu. The numbers aren't important. Each collector has his own intrinsic parameters, have own "LIFE" when you succeed to "born" him.
 That is all. Share this data all over the world. For more informations write to real strannik forum.
 PS. The mankind need free energy and will get it!! Will find energy in enormous quantities !! PS. I wish you good health and luck.
 TPU was tested with this load: 150W light bulb + nichrom fire-bar element 5KWatt+ nichrom fire-bar 5KWatt+ nichrom fire-bar 2KWatt. With bigger load, current consumption is smaller.
 The real invertor of TPU is Nikola Tesla. Find his patent  â„–xxx382 from 1888 year. The output of Tesla's TPU: Diametar 1m, Voltage 10000 V, current 30 A/mm2, Frequency 900KHz, Output Power 7,2 MWatts.

More info:

Some more important datafor coils
 The whole lenght of primary coil is 4.2м so take two peaces of 2,1м and wind bifilary then conect it like i said and you will have lenght 4.2м. But first wind secondary.
 This is very importnat!! When you winding one layer of secondary put immediately very good isolator between that and next secondary layer. For the isolation between each two layers of secondary use two kind of isolators. The first mica stripe or mica adhesive tape and when fluoroplastic tape. (Teflon tape or P.T.F.E. tape). Do the same for primary winding !!
 Now about trimming driving coils.
 Put coil on table, over put compass, coli axis arrange from,west to east. Then make sparkle from accumulator on primary winding without resistor. When you find North pole of coil draw an arrorw. On collector all arrows must look in one side (clockwise or anti-clockwise work the same). Simply make positions of each North pole driving coils in the same side.
 This is all. Any other information on site Realstrannik.RU



Ask the guy for a diagram or picture of the actual device he is describing so that the info  can be put into context.
Other wise somebody might draw one and the confusion will begin again.

I see that otto's ecd circuit is on the first page of the thread .

OK, very good job:
But does the guy will open source this: furnishing the EXACT plan with EXACT characteristics, (Materials, dimension, component used, voltage, current, waveform, and method for tuning). In fact a plan to build the EXACT replica show in this video...

Why ? Because like many many other FE devices just a couple of claims, video, photos...
Talking about exotic theory and 20 years later no one successful replicated --> another FE device lost...


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