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Author Topic: Permanent Magnet to Water Pump Similarities  (Read 1590 times)

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Permanent Magnet to Water Pump Similarities
« on: March 30, 2021, 04:11:23 PM »
Permanent Magnet to Water Pump Similarities:

Can we use the function of a water pump always pumping water as being a permanent magnet with it's flux?

In the first drawing below I have a drawing of several water pumps always pumping water.
Now is the change of water flow through water pipes coming from a similar to flux flow from permanent magnets?

Now I know that the water can not be contained in wre materials like water in a pipe
because the of the following rule.

The Flux out is equal to the flux into a permanent magnet.
Is this rule true?

If that is a true rule, then the following drawings explain why a chain reaction can work
with a flux switching network is properly designed and constructed.

Why would flux switching causing a chain reaction be so great of an idea?

Well if you can control the flux from one magnet using electrical energy to create the
flux in an electromagnet to stop that flux flow in that path and
then that flux path change changes the path of several other permanent magnets
you would have an amplification of flux control from that design.

This  is how I see the similarity of the water pump circuit to a
potential magnetic generator design working.

The great thing about a design like this, is that the flux power is always working in a magnet
except you do not have to pay to have the flux flow each time you use the device.

As I have already stated, the permanent magnet will always have flux routes in them
so the design needs space between the permanent magnets and the switch for the
different flux pathing to occur.

I recommend the proper core material and air gaps for the two different flux paths.
There would be one large big path that is comprised of permanent magnets with
core materials with smaller air gaps that allow for the easiest pathing for the
permanent magnets to be a part of.

This configuration would work like a horseshoe magnet with a bar across it.
This configuration is very inclosive and is not affected by outside forces very easy.

Now instead of building a solid horseshoe design circuit, you could build it with
permanent magnets with core material   between then to that when the
electromagnet that has been put into the circle with the other permanent
magnet is turned on then the permanent magnets not being able to connect
to a one large loop with the other magnets, not have their flux moving
around itself.  In order to have a more attractive path, core material can be
placed in parallel to the magnets to create these routes to move easily through

Now this secondary route would need to have some larger air gaps so that
it is not as attractive with the generator had the flux switch in the support flux
flow mode.

Now it is the flux out the is equal to the flux in that makes the chain reaction occur.
The first magnet that is stopped by the flux switch has to input its out going flux.
The next magnet is stopped by the magnet in front of it and hase to return its own
outgoing flux back to itself.  THis chain reaction has to repeat itself all aroud the full circle of travel.

Now you want to know it this chain reaction can occur with motors as well.
The other two drawings is a crude attempt in explaining how this can occur.

Now all of this is currently in theory.
Can a water pump moving water and measuring the change in water flow
in the different water flow paths through valving water flow on and off
be used in magnetic motor and generator designs?

I am waiting for your input to this question!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a book I just published that shows more drawings and details of such a generator.
The book is was used published in March of 2021  Look for books by Jay Lunke
My newest book starts with AAAAA
THe book include a sphere shaped generator along with different motor design and applications.

How many permanent magnet to permanent magnets ratio does it take to generate
a self sufficient operating device being operated with the power of the energy
that is already self existent in a permanent magnet.
Again this is all theory, but even if some energy is still needed to operate the motor designs,
I see these motor designs as many times more efficient than conventional magnetic motors

Jay Lunke