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Author Topic: times, and shot  (Read 2642 times)

Offline cctav7ia

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times, and shot
« on: February 25, 2012, 07:57:00 PM »
hapter 2It is particularly beautiful spring day. Far from the Castle Peak with Dai, near bright peach, jade light breeze ripples the water with, sparkling sparkling, shimmering flow.Wicker such as umbrellas, covered her spring sun, breeze, the faint fragrance.Hanguangmen <a href="">  nfl jerseys authentic  </a> "I with hats, sitting under a tree, slightly squinting stare at the water float. Side of the fish basket, stood to catch a few fish, plop or two from time to time. She sighed and cozy, the book's paradise, but also such and such about Happy idle.Not far away a piece of bluestone, the standing order of his father's adopted son Jiang Ying, UFA Tsing Yi, Toshihaya such as bamboo, Jiaopang detour to a strong bow, there are few wild pheasants. He brawn lucky break health, to arm opening nine stone. Her father had said, when the world world, arrows no one can match his.Han Guang often think, if the father was framed and forced to on this beam, the junction of Hutoushan Luocaoweikou business, perhaps it is now bearing shadow name for oneself in young general, the White Horse Yinqiang, emotional romantic, but unfortunately ... ... the birds are not the, the good bow, but also pieces of regret.Light jumping, bearing shadow floats gently on the rod moved, and then sank a floating, seems to have <a href=" ">  cheap authentic jerseys</a> fish bait. Han Guang playful lips touch his mouth, quietly picked up a small stone, plop throwing in the past.The water ripples around startled. Cheng Ying back, handsome brow wrinkled, Hu started.Han Guang mischievous smile, the smile under hats, brightly party thing.Cheng Ying Wei Zheng, looked at, they turned away in silence for the bait, the rod again thrown into the water. He has always been man of few words, no matter how funny he Han Guang, Furui are no waves.Between streams, quiet and spacious, with occasional birds flap their wings swept from the surface.Because of the static to the extreme, is suddenly heard the voice of the cross-strike weapons, ground-breaking in general.Han Guang surprised, and looked up toward the same order of shadow across the cliff looked faintly visible figure in the shake.Han Guang down rod, <a href="  "> nfl jerseys wholesale</a>  walked around bearing film, Qi said: "is the brother of the stockade in a fight, or move to feed? Go up?"Cheng Ying shook his head, "Listen, do not like, like a lot of people."Moment of the occasion, a group of shadows appear cliffs. Martial arts of the people, superior eyesight, Han Guang Crouching Tiger, not on top of a cliff to see where people camp.Swords among the dozen masked siege of three black people, of which a woman is to be encircled and several sword opposite, moves Henli, start insidious, mouths actually killed the kill, then, that women the situation is very critical, and danger.Han Guang feel a unhappy life most can not see the strong bullying the weak, to win much less, <a href="  ">  nfl jerseys wholesale</a>  so bullying a woman, it is beneath the moral arena. The Kuomintang, who masked men in black, showing not a honorable person, the line will not see the light of the matter is.Moment Hanguangmen sidewalk: "Brother, throw."Bending over to pick up the bow and arrow bearing film, rustled few times, and shot four arrows attached. Cliff sounded several more screams. Han Guang secretly applauded, he tried to continue bearing impact, suddenly, a black man knifed unto a woman, woman stature shocked, then, another black man a kick, kick in that woman's chest, the woman body back and floating, flying down the cliff leaves generally.

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times, and shot
« on: February 25, 2012, 07:57:00 PM »