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Hello my Stefan/ my friends, we sincerley hope it helps many out there, full credit to our volunteers. Be well ALL

Industrial environmental pollutants like dioxins and many of the ingredients in processed foods such as artificial colourants, preservatives and nitrites are inked to the GROWING amount of cancer among the population today. There is no corporation charter at this time to prevent all vested interest from financing politicians or influencing their campaigns to ensure that we rid ourselves of this life threatening problem.Documentaries like the "idiot cycle" are one of many to show how there is also no uncertainty of GM food contributing to cancer today. All this coupled with stress continues adds to this cancer epidemic  figure.

The current UNPOLICED education system, resultant poor diet choices, greed conditioning, advertisements, environmental and food carcinogens means that the only real preventative solutions like education on renewable materials/energy (hemp +summary), alternative/whole food medicine, juicing, raw food/organics and others remain in dire need of your help in order to reach the public.In 2012 there is the biggest conflict of interest ever in human history with these mentioned solutions.

The alternative cancer treatment black salve is no exception and with public participation can make a large impact on human health and health freedom. Thanks to the Panacea volunteers, the public have now acquired to the best of our knowledge the only detailed allopathic medical proof of black salve working in a human subject. Panacea is launching an educational drive to collect more medical records and needs your help to wake up the public. We have an opportunity to create health freedom for many other neglected and suppressed alternative cancer treatments. These alternative cancer treatments and whole food /raw food results have statistical efficacy over any allopathic medical treatment.

However their success stories must now be extended to the public beyond anecdotal and observational data. Now we must create the biofeedback loop/medical proof to report the facts, just like the Panacea volunteers have done with black salve in this production.with enough participation and these reports, only then can we beat the corporate suppression. By reporting enough allopathic medical proof of their results proves thes facts by their own ethos. Irrefutable.

Lack of PARTICULAR knowledge on cancer is the only reason why it continues to strike 1 in 2 Men and 1 in 3 Women (in the USA). This figure is not getting any better.These statistics are preventable through PUBLICLY POLICED education.Featured in the Panacea black salve production are 3 panacea volunteers presenting their cases, one with allopathic medical proof, plus we profile the long history of black salve, other users and the suppression case of Greg Caton.

To date, black salve has been reported to successfully treat – Bowel cancer, throat cancer, tongue cancer, Lentigo Maligna Melanoma, Lymph node affected with metastatic breast cancer, Ductal carcinoma of the right breast, other breast cancers, Cutaneous leishmaniasis (skin infection), warts, moles, plantar warts, Ewing Sacroma(so called incurable cancer), Melanomas, Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC). In nearly all of these cases, the application of black salve was successful where surgery and other treatments could not have been used. These testimonial cases have been preserved in the new Panacea course on black salve located at the Panacea university for historical reference and study.

We have also offered our ideas to help police the suppression and neglect. In this video and our documents. Panacea includes our appeal for the creation of a research clinic that can create further needed medical biofeedback and ensure we present more medical proof of black salve and other suppressed successful alternative cancer treatments to the world. Please check the document and video , if you can help us with medical records or this concept please contact us.We will soon be launching a special web site just to collect medical records and to present them.

Panacea new black salve course on this subject contains open source instruction and information to secure the knowledge into the public domain. We will be very busy this year , still working with Free energy research, urban farming, whole food/raw nutrition and alternative medicine. how to get off the grid includes, food, banking and energy. Yes we need medicine too,

You cannot have one with out the others.We also offer assistance to users of black slave please check the video and document if you can support us or need this.This information could not have been done without people working together. Elaine Hollingsworth author of the doctors are dangerous web site , Greg Canton, Bevan potter, Panacea volunteers and all the individuals that continue to record their treatment to help us wake up the world.This information needs your help to spread effectively through blogs, friends, community groups and the media.Please help forward this PDF/Video to your friends, family, government and to as many as possible.We are all needed to work together, that is the very essence of the Panacea spirit. Only as a community can we create security. There is no university, faculty or medical institute teaching these methods at this time, if you can help this effort please contact us.

Be well and keep well our good friends.Be kind to yourself, EAT WELL, you than can live life to the fullest and be kind to others.
On behalf of the trustee's and volunteers of the public's organization... AKA Panacea

Ash (volunteer and Trustee)

Hi Ash ,

very good movie !

I already forwarded to 3 people I know who are having cancer.

Does it also help with inner organ cancer somehow ?

Do you have a recipe how to make this black salve or
can one buy it directly from you ?

Many thanks again for this very healthy information and the pictures and videos
of the guys having had cancer are really amazing, how they god rid of it.

Super !

Regards, Stefan.

Hi Stefan and ALL

Thank you very much for making this thread sticky my friend, the recipe is OPEN SOURCE, you can get a lot of info in our course (plus some trusted sources).
Black Salve Alternative Cancer Treatment (PDF)

Stefan, we have an extensive page on open source alternative cancer treatments,

what cancers do they have? let me know man we can help.
Yes you can treat internal cancers with the Tonic III version,
Check -

Best thing they can do immediately, is change their diet, let me know Stefan, ill get all the info to you to help them.


Guys new production with how to make tutorial for you, down load and save.

Black salve is now banned from sale in Australia and this ban may spread to other countries. If this was not enough, any black salve DVD documentaries showing others successful results are also being targeted and prevented from sale. Open source has secured many things in the public domain. This method is the non profit organizations heart and soul. Now others' black salve success testimonies and the method to produce this successful alternative cancer treatment is released into the public domain - DVD style and with step by step tutorials and background.

Panacea has re produced our educational video entitled the "Panacea Black Salve Production" to help public education of alternative cancer treatments. This production features Panacea volunteers who obtained medical proof of this alternative cancer treatment working. This treatment like many others has a long history of neglect. This production also outlines the details needed for the creation of facilities or alternative cancer treatment research clinic for further security, support and public education. We have many more alternative cancer treatments ( like the Gerson therapy, Macrobiotic, and Budwig diet which critically need public education and security from suppression. All of these treatments including black salve are non toxic and have statistical efficacy over the standard chemo, surgery and radiation, but remain unknown to capacity. There is no security to ensure that doctors provide the public with informed consent of these treatments and of their successfully statistics. Nor do they have any security against vested interests. There are many conflicts of interests with this health education in what is now a multibillion dollar pharmaceutical industry.

Presently, black salve is banned from sale by the TGA in Australia. To help gather further medical proof and educate the public, Panacea has created the Black Salve Facebook site ( Alternative treatments to Cancer, Black Salve information, and real case information will be posted here. If you have used Black Salve, please use this page to post your story to share with others. Also Panacea has created a new Panacea medical research site to help gather medical records of black salve working in human subjects and educate the world.

Ash on behalf of the trustee's of Panacea-BOCAF

I buy black salve few months ago to try it randomly on some mole, i got one on my nose that was earthing me, i give a try, i did not go to the doctor, after 4 days the mole fall off, now the hole is nearly filled and heal

I did not know if that was related to cancer but this thing work for sure!! :)


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