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Estate of Ron Brandt

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Estate of Ron Brandt

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I purchased the estate of Ron Brandt, the inventor of the Tesla switch, this past summer. Items include a number of his Tesla switches, perm-mag motors, diagrams, vidoes and audio tapes of experiements and various mock ups. Wondering what I should do with these items.


--- Quote from: herbiesmith on February 11, 2012, 10:28:21 PM ---I purchased the estate of Ron Brandt, the inventor of the Tesla switch, this past summer. Items include a number of his Tesla switches, perm-mag motors, diagrams, vidoes and audio tapes of experiements and various mock ups. Wondering what I should do with these items.

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Please either post it here or sell it to me.


Do you have his electric vehicle?

This thing has some pretty wild stories associated with it.

There is definitely interest!

Seems he couldn't take it with him, neither can you. Share.

I found it:  RhettSpencer:

Back in 1992 or 1991 Ron Brandt spent a few weeks with me and we ran his transistor switched circut using 4 batteries 6 transistors and a few other components.  we uses a signal generator to adjust the switching freq for maximum output to the load. we used 4 car headlights for the load on the switching unit and 1 on each of the baseline batteries.  we had 2 extra batteries we used as baselines.  to start off we charged all batteries using an astron 50 amp powersupply. all batteries were new.

We measured the SG of the electrolite and also the battery voltage 4 hours after charging before we began testing.  each of the baseline batteries with 1 headlight attached lasted I believe 7 hours before reaching 7 volts, our cutoff point.  the 4 batteries being switched ran for 73 hours before reaching the 7 volt mark.
We would check the frequency every hour or so longer intervals at night maybe 4 hours to keep it at maximum output to the load.  somewhere around 900 to 1100 Hz if i remember correctly.

after the first test all batteries were recharged with the power supply and we calculated the total recharge power we used to get the sg and voltage back to where we started. the 4 switching batteries required the same recharge time as the baseline batteries to reach our full charge state.

the second and 3rd test seemed to go about the same. but on the 4th test when trying to recharge the 4 switching batteries something strange happend.  the 4 switching batteries had 50 amps at 15 volts pumping into them but no bubbles, the battery temp was below room temp, and nothing was going on other than my powersupply getting a good workout.  it stayed like this for over 3 days then all at once it started to bubble and the recharge cycle began and the battery came back to life. This happened to all 4 batteries. we ran the test again pretty much same results and again the batteries would not recharge for 3 days. we stopped after this as it was taking way to long and we had lost all the net gain we had achieved in the first tests.

Ron told me that when he was running his electric car his neighbors car had a bad battery and he removed one from his electric car and gave it to them. the alternator on the neighbors car went up in smoke after an hour of driving.  it was more than likely running at full field trying to charge the battery.

We did not use a motor and i believe that is the secret to getting it to self charge. Ron told me he ran his car for months without charging the batteries.

He also told me a strange story that after running the car for a few hours when setting at a stop light the other cars around him all stopped running.  he called it some sort of energy field he thought it was creating. he also told me that his neighbor could not get out of her mobile home one day when he had the motor running and the car in idle for a few hours in is driveway, she yelled for help and when he went to help her it was like walking through air as thick as sand and it took almost all his energy to get to her.

after that he stopped the project to think about what was happening.

It will be interesting if anyone else will have the same battery non charging event happen to them.


No the 1983 Chrysler New Yorker was dismantled. Appears he was in the process of placing the large perm-mag motor in a car but didn't complete. The motor was on the bench when we purchased his estate.

When the estate was purchased he had developed 3 perm-mag motors all in different sizes. The last one was a working model on a bench motor weighs about 100lbs. Each perm-mag motor has a switch with it. It looked like Ron was building a 4th motor identical to the 3rd motor but much bigger. The design on the 4th was exactly the same as the 3rd motor. the 3rd motor, biggest motor mounted to a work bench was actually hooked up to 2 different banks of battery's and his switch.

He had so much paperwork and diagrams starting back to his days in Oregon it's hard to organize it all. It appears he had worked with John Bedini in the late 70's and early 80's. I can't find any collaboration with anyone with the motors and switches he developed before his death, looks like he was working alone on these.

All of his audio tapes have been snapped I  guess for security reasons. Need to take them to a professional have them  and have rewound to listen. The way his shop was configured he was a man in hidding for sure, very strange.


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