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I too just joined to respond to this post.

Mr. Smith,I`m sure I don`t have to tell you of all people how marvelous it is that a non-hermit has acquired the Brandt material ;D

I hope you will at least consider donating one of the devices to a trusted and qualified individual or group to properly reverse engineer .Might I suggest either the admin. of the site (Steffan) if he is willing.Or Panacea-BOCAF?Truly wondrous news!!!Any chance of some pics of the devices?

Dear Mr. herbismith,

Do you still have some or all of the Tesla-Switch prototypes in your possession or have they been sold as collector items? If you still have them I would be very much interested in examining them at your location at your leisure. I live in Spokane, WA so the trip would be a weekend exercise. It has come to my attention that the custom wound transformer employed by Mr. Brandt has important similarities to the transformer used in the Gray Engine technology. I would like to follow up on this an verify this proposal.

When you happen to read this note please call me in Spokane at 509-842-1210 during business hours, or email me at

Thank you for the consideration,

Mark McKay, PE

machine drawings updated to autocad and stp and controller schematics updated to gerber files with today's parts have been open sourced along with photos and videos of Ron Brandt showing his first generation controller during a 1995 conference.  Free open source plans


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