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Author Topic: Geode batteries  (Read 7053 times)

Offline PhiChaser

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Geode batteries
« on: February 04, 2012, 05:18:41 PM »
Hello everyone!
Very interested in the salt batteries and earth batteries and such so...
I went to a rock shop yesterday and purchased a couple geodes and some quartz crystals with the idea of using them for some DIY battery experiments. Has anyone tried this yet?!?
I am still purchasing supplies so probably won't be able to start for a week or so. Also, I would like to try and replicate some of Plengo's, IB's, and Bedini's work. (EDIT: and Jbignes5 and NickZ and Triffid!! I'm sure I forgot someone...)
I managed to make a smallish hole in the larger of the two geodes and two small holes in the smaller one. (My fiancee apparently has a knack for finding the 'thin spot'...). Where to go from here?
I will try and lay out some sort of plan for building/testing. Plengo has done some GREAT 'dry' battery work so I will probably start by building Cu/Mg batteries like he's been doing as well as trying a few different recipes. I have a lot of things I would like to try but again, I need to get all my supplies together first (and find a corner where I can work and won't clutter up the place heh heh...).
The big geode holds water but it leaches it out slowly. Maybe a geode would work for a good battery 'case'?
Cheers, happy experimenting, play safe!
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