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Title: A thought about Tesla and the TPU
Post by: pauldude000 on February 01, 2012, 11:40:12 AM
It has been over a year (I think), since I retired from the TPU research. I started hitting dead end after dead end, yet the results of various experiments were promising enough to keep me going. I instinctively knew that Tesla tied into the matter (not surprising really), but I could not quite figure out how..... I had to clear my head and take a break.

Only SM knows for sure, but I wonder of the TPU was an accident..... I am not joking. Say you are looking at a patent for a Tesla device employing a rotational field toroidal transformer, but in replication you try to use copper wires instead of soft iron wires????

More guesses than facts circulate around the device (of which I was as guilty as anyone). Prejudices based upon pet hypothesis and following theory make for a nasty mix. They cloud your judgement and wreck your ability for emotionally detached logical thought and evaluation. After my head cleared..... I started over, tossing out most every assumption I had previously held, or had been told by others. I re-read all of SM's posts carefully to see exactly what HE said and meant, not what interpretations I or anyone else placed upon his words.

I found that he was actually quite clear, and that someone else was occasionally posing as him. (People have a distinct writing style, grammar, word usage etc.... like a written fingerprint.) Some matched, others were 180 degrees out of phase so to speak.


SM stated plainly that the fields were rotating, and that the rotation was necessary to the operation

SM stated there was a kick, then specifically pointed out the inrush current from the book he cited as the stated "kick"

SM pointed out TAO had the overall key (And he does I believe, through the winding pattern he developed and through his initial
presentation of his thoughts about Tesla.)

NOWHERE did SM agree with the statement TAO made about Tesla's wireless transmission of power tech being involved. THAT was assumed.

SM stated that the unit worked by making as many kicks (inrush current) as possible as fast as possible.

Out of nowhere an EE posts an anonymous letter to Mannix. To which SM (the real SM by writing style) agrees almost whole heartedly with every deduction the man makes, then points out several 'points of interest'.

What was a point of interest to me was that from the style of writing, I think SM himself may well be the hypothetical myterious EE as well.

After watching ALL the movies again, slowly, pausing and rewinding and paying as close an examination as possible.

I noticed a few interesting things off of the good quality vid I received from JDO300 way back..... exactly two sets of matched components in the center of the large TPU. Two large black caps with resistors in parallel on the inside periphery of the coil (very clear, I could almost ready the values) and in the very center two matching inductance coils with two matching caps close by......

I wondered why he would need two pairs each of matched RC and  LC tanks, then it hit me. More than one signal out of one input signal....
Q: How can you make AC out of DC? :)

A: Charge a capacitor in series with an inductance, then open the switch and shut the power off. The capacitor will discharge through the inductor to equalize charge across its plates as soon as the  forward voltage either reverses (AC)... or ceases (DC). The pair will resonate at a frequency governed by the values of the given components.

A nagging suspicion ate at me for awhile, then I loaded up the Tesla patent again, and examined the diagram closely, tracing the wires through the circuit on the transformer, then back to the generator in the circuit, asking the question "exactly what is the ELECTRICITY doing when this generator rotates through a cycle", not merely what the current was doing. I wanted to examine both current and voltage together.

My jaw hit the floor. The device in the patent is a rotating field transformer. Four coils make and rotate the field, and the outer coils 'generate the juice' so to speak.

Now, understand that the picture in the patent is only CLOSE to a TPU, but it is NOT the TPU.... (I will explain why, please be patient with me at this point.) 

Why two different type matching sets of resonance devices?

VOLTAGE PHASING.... 90 degree voltage phasing to be exact as the tesla patent demonstrated, using a single CLEAN dc square wave signal.  I was actually right about one thing, go figure. Transistors are a really noisy device that tend to amplify any abnormalities in the applied signal. The signal HAS to be as free of parasitic AC signals as possible, that is why tube rectifiers  REALLY are easier as SM said.

Tesla didn't need caps, as he treated every inductor as it should be treated, as a resonant device. Capacitance can be made by wire placement and spacing relationships. An EE views resonance as either a phase relationship, or as a purely mechanical function.  Telsa's concept of resonance was a little different, incorporating the 1/4 wave relationship between the propagating wave and its voltage. The classic case of two people referencing the same term, but using differing definitions. Tesla desired a relationship where the voltage was highest possible at one end of the wire coupled with an overall Z (impedance) as close to zero as possible allowing maximum current to flow.... When this condition is achieved, you see a LOT of energy available in the circuit.

Voltage, remember, is not energy. Neither is current. BOTH must be in motion for a state of usable electrical energy to exist. We have all seen the resonant phantom signal pushing hundreds of volts, yet would not light a fart, let alone a light bulb. The current was out of phase with the voltage, therefore little or no usable energy.

Tesla didn't need caps, but I DO.... and so did SM. you have four coils, one DC square wave signal at a given desired frequency, how do you rotate the field? Hint 90 180 270 360... you phase each of the voltages 90 degrees further from zero as the previous coil, using equal reactance components to achieve resonance at the input frequency, into a wire wound into a coil, the length of each wire being 1/4 wavelwength long..........

Anyone see what I see?

By the way..... you can generate juice using the "A" field in a toroidal unit.......... doesn't have to be magnetism doing the work you know, that is assumed. Interesting how coils 90 degrees out from each other can induce voltage and current in each other. (Collector to control amplification.)

I don't know enough about the "A" field to speak much about it. If someone is an expert, please give us all a heads up.

Paul Andrulis

P.S. I am using public wi-fi for this, and am not "online" right at the moment. I will read your thoughts as posted as soon as I can get back online.


Paul Andrulis

Title: Re: A thought about Tesla and the TPU
Post by: pauldude000 on February 24, 2012, 05:29:15 PM
By the way, I am now officially back online.

Paul Andrulis
Title: Re: A thought about Tesla and the TPU
Post by: sparks on February 24, 2012, 06:14:31 PM
Welcome back Paul.  Been with litle free time myself for last couple of years or so.  I posted a theory (like whats new)  that electromagnetic radiation can experience a blue shift from the motion of the Earth itself.  I think that this is what powered the tpu gain.  The Earth's true velocity relative to the background cosmic radiation is 600km/s  so an emitted frequency can be collected at a higher frequency from this motion.  In fact this motion though much smaller than the speed of light is enough to abberate observations of distance and time for astronomers.  Sm might have just lucked on to creating a transmitter receiver device where the received frequency is higher than the transmitted.  The three frequencies in play would be the received-minus the emitted-gained frequency.  So your kick is a highamplitude low duration emission.  The received em from the kick is an even higher amplitude (compressed wave) than the emitted (time remaining constant).  These amplitude waves are what Tesla was working with.  He was going way the heck up there.  Like o to millions in infintesmial time.  I agree with your idea that SM was looking at Tesla's stuff and happened upon some anomalous gain.
Title: Re: A thought about Tesla and the TPU
Post by: pauldude000 on February 24, 2012, 07:53:29 PM
The problems I see are twofold.... a matter of (1.) Q and (2.) back EMF.....

Consider these problems.

The Q of the system (Quality ratio. inductive reactance = capacitive reactance is Q=0) has to be as close to Q = 1 as possible for maximum current flow. Reactances are equivalent to resistance, and must be used to counter each other for gain. Q= 500 or 1000? easy peasy. Q = 1? Not so easy in practice.

Calculating exact inductance is extremely difficult on a home brew coil, and capacitance tends to be limited to on shelf component values with corresponding variances from stated values. Therefore calculating Q tends to be more of a hope and a prayer than an exact science.

Back EMF is the great inductive energy thief. A coil is much like a capacitor in that when a currant is applied, a field is stored in the device, and when the applied signal stops, the field converts back into 'electricity' as we call it, though flowing in opposition to the impressed signal. A capacitor does this using the electric field, and an inductance (a coil) uses the magnetic field.

Back EMF is the easiest to deal with. Look up 'bifilar' at Wikipedia. Has a  picture of Tesla's self inductance neutralizing 'bifilar' design, which does NOT match the common conceptions of a bifilar coil. It's design would kill back EMF deader than disco.

Its design is perfect for 2 conductor lamp cord.....  ;)

Paul Andrulis
Title: Re: A thought about Tesla and the TPU
Post by: Bob Smith on February 25, 2012, 01:53:27 AM
Back EMF is the easiest to deal with. Look up 'bifilar' at Wikipedia. Has a  picture of Tesla's self inductance neutralizing 'bifilar' design, which does NOT match the common conceptions of a bifilar coil. It's design would kill back EMF deader than disco.

Its design is perfect for 2 conductor lamp cord..... 
( (

Veeeery interesting...
This picture from the Wikipede article you cite is also in a very brief YT video (I think by CosmoLV - not sure) regarding one layer of winding on the Kapagen.
Title: Re: A thought about Tesla and the TPU
Post by: sparks on February 25, 2012, 02:19:34 AM
  Tesla STORED enormous amounts of energy in his systems.  Acheiving horsepower thousands of times the input.  This was not free energy.  This was stored energy.  The energy did not radiate from his systems.  It oscillated within the system between a charged capacitor and current flow through an inductance. Nothing really extra ordinary nowadays. Antennae connected to receiver tuner employs Tesla's power storage system.  As far as his bifilar arrangement it was the precurser of coax.  A quarter wave transmission line.  Tesla was into efficiency and wasnt into signal loss.  He wanted his terminals to form capacitor plates.  Alternating between very positive and very negative.  Not just pumping up a capacitor and discharging it through a gap connected to a raised antennae. (which was what everybody else was doing at the time.)  He also invented a rotating magnetic field transformer which looks an awful lot like a tpu.  This produced dc.  It would have made Edisons dc distribution systems work with alternators in the power plants-dc highvoltage transmission lines-  No idea how Tesla planned on stepping the dc down.  Maybe he had a dc highvoltage rotating magnetic field transformer in mind.  How you phase displace dc is beyond me.
Title: Re: A thought about Tesla and the TPU
Post by: pauldude000 on February 26, 2012, 06:21:23 AM
Sparks, I am trying to still wrap my head around that myself, but I have seen evidence based on a simple DC dual frequency gated pulse circuit I built (idea I am kicking around for hydroxy)  using a cmos 556 (of all things.... Chip has more uses than a dog has fleas). At certain frequency combinations, the circuit goes haywire producing a wave showing nice waveform on my BK 100 MHZ scope, but impossible to stop scrolling on the screen. I have noticed though that at each point where this happens, the waveform has a definitive AC component, the amount of which can be viewed with the volts being set on 5v per on cal, showing around 2v AC component to the wave. Odd. Might be a fluke to this particular TLC556CN timer chip.

Anyway, if the dc is not constant, but is pulsed, the possibility for a phase lead/lag becomes theoretically possible.

You ought to read the patent for the coil.... I LOVE the way Tesla states, hints at many potential uses, then deflects from important uses in his patent wording. That boy was good... ONE use of the coil was for transmission line as you state. A very good one. But read the patent again, and you will find the main PURPOSE of the coil was neutralization of self inductance...... as well as many other things.

If anyone needs them (IE cant find them), I can try to find the links again for both patents.

The other one (which looks mysteriously like the TPU) I do believe the original FOR the development of the TPU. It is in fact too similar to every description the man gave. I think either SM was trying to originally duplicate this device, or based a slightly different design of his own upon it as a foundation.

(A common habit, trying to improve upon what has not even been duplicated yet.)

Paul Andrulis

Title: Re: A thought about Tesla and the TPU
Post by: pauldude000 on February 26, 2012, 06:39:31 AM
Bob, that is interesting. However, the picture of the Tesla version I reference is the "flat inductive bifilar" pic located below the one oyu are looking at. If stretched out, you would see the output of one side of a double strand parallel inductor (like zip cord or lamp cord) being connected to the input of the other. Charge is applied to the input, but the magnetic fields developed by each conductor are opposite in polarity. When charge is removed, the back emf is self neutralized. In the patent, Tesla states that the coil can be "wound in any configuration common to the art" or something to that effect. (I am working from memory on  the quote.)

Here is a thought for you too kick around. How do you make a resonant tank with nothing but a coil? (Answer, you design it for self capacitance as well as inductance.) In principal that is how you can make a simple radio receiver with nothing BUT coils.  ???

Paul Andrulis
Title: Re: A thought about Tesla and the TPU
Post by: pauldude000 on February 26, 2012, 07:22:15 AM
Sparks, I have been thinking about your statements above about your theory. What I find interesting is the concept of relative velocity in comparison towards cosmic background radiation. The trick to generating energy has always been finding a difference in potential of any particular energy source. From a water wheel, where a fluid medium presses against the paddles of a wheel on one side only, creating a mechanical imbalance of applied energy, to a battery which has an imbalance of electrical charges stored within itself..... conceptually no difference.

Problems happen when the waterwheel is completely submerged, or the battery charges are equalized (is discharged). At this point, no energy is transferred. The energy in the system is considerable as "background energy", as though energy still remains, there is no means of usefully making it cause motion. Such is the problem for ZPE as a for instance, as a difference of potential has to be found or made (if possible) to allow usable energy to be applied to a system to cause flow of the energy, or power. The same is LESS true for some other force or filed such as gravity, where energy can be temporarily extracted from a relatively 'static' field.

If your theory allows for a difference of, or spatially defined quantifiable variance in energy potential then usable energy would be possible to extract from the scenario.

I hope that came across without confusion. I can get long winded.

Paul Andrulis
Title: Re: A thought about Tesla and the TPU
Post by: sparks on February 26, 2012, 07:00:56 PM
   Paul thankyou for your input.  As you perceived the earth is like a fish moving in a stream.  The stream moving at 600km/sec.  The fish doesnt know it unless it comes to the surface or hits the bottom.  All motion being relavant.  What astronomers do see is blue and red shifted cosmic background radiation depending on which way they point their microwave receivers.  Our fish observes a different bottom condition depending on which way it looks.  One way the bottom appears to be coming towards him the other it appears to be moving away.  My theory is that we have two players in the river.  One has a flashlight the other a photocell.  The one with the flashlight turns it on.  The radiation from the light is fast real fast but it is constant.   The photocell is say down stream.  The light will travel at a constant velocity but it will take a little longer to appear on the photocell because it has to radiate further.  Move the photocell upstream.  The light gets there sooner than it should because it doesnt have to travel as far to get to the photocell.  The doppler effect when it comes to em waves is to increase or decrease the frequency depending upon the motion of the observer relavant to the direction of propogation of the light.  Basically the observer is running into more emwaves per unit of time so the frequency goes up. Radar bounces a signal off a cloud.  If the cloud is moving it changes the frequency reflected.  The radar receiver sweeps the bands below and above the transmitted signal and motion of the target appears as higher frequency or lower frequency depending on which way the target is moving.  What has to be factored out is the 600km/s frequency shift due to a "motionless" target.