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Accelerating motor-generator selfcharging capacitors without any batteries

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Hi All,
please have a look at this video:

It is a special rotary howard johnson style motor-generator with a special additional
star-gate-magnet DC-motor coupled.

This combinations is powerd by some precharged ( half charged) capacitors and then let go.
No batteries or other power sources connected.

This device then accelerates and charges up the capacitors.

So this is a potential free energy machine as it overcomes the friction of the system and
also generates some additional energy output by charging up the capacitor bank.

Congratulations to youtube user PMMG4HYBRID
for having build such a wonderful unit !

Regards, Stefan.

Very interesting. I hope this fellow is forthcoming with more information.

This should be easy enough to replicate if it's real

What's so interesting?!
Q=C*U or U=Q/C
Lower the capacity (C), higher the voltage (U) for a given charge (Q) flowing in the series circuit.

If the big cap was 1nF, the voltage would instantly go to the maximum EMF of that generator. So what?!

Now I have a real difficult question: how it comes a guy knowing so little about electricity has so fancy devices and expensive stuff? That is something I can't really understand. ;)

Nice! a combination of howard johnson magnet motor a pulse motor plus and a modified dc motor, wonder how fast it would go if he did not disconnect the power to the motor...and what extra power it could give out... more videos pls... ;D


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