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Author Topic: Accelerating motor-generator selfcharging capacitors without any batteries  (Read 268456 times)

Offline drodenbe

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Re: Accelerating motor-generator selfcharging capacitors without any batteries
« Reply #105 on: January 06, 2013, 03:46:26 PM »
Hi guys:

I am new to all this, so I may be in the wrong group.  I am posting this motor design just to contribute a little back as I sure have sucked enough files and data from this site to choke a large horse.  If I posted in the wrong place I would be glad if you could direct me to the correct group. thank you.  I designed this motor after a video I saw of daftmans 3 phase generator.  So I was looking for a good motor with some torque to drive my Kromrey device.  The motor I am using is a 3200 rpm scooter motor and it draws 6 amps while driving the Kromrey generator.  So I built this motor to reduce the current draw and it works well for my experiments. I am currently working on a different motor generator which features this motor and a new design of kromrey which I have tested and works very well.  The unit will be all one and not two individual parts joined with a coupling. This always seams to add vibration to unit.  At least in my experience.  Since mechanical is not my forte.  Thanks again. 

Offline Kev

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Did he release all his details about his capacitors?
It would be great for self-charging capacitor without any motors, I need everything solid state if possible.   :D

Offline captainfletcher

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Why this subject he is here in the Mechanic section? instead of being in "Muller Dynamo"
Anyway, I have great admiration for the work of PMMG4HYBRID and I think the machines are of over-unity.
With the resources that I have, not many tools, I realized a set made ​​of wood.
It remains to establish the coil and the timing system.
I have a question, I need to put a capacitor on the coil?
And what value to be in resonance with the speed?
Thank you for your attention.
Magnetman is me in the forum, there are pictures too.
Here is a link on a French forum: & # entry49219

Offline linoavac

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Offline PerpetualPropulsionIdea1

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I have had an idea on a topic very similar to this. It's a Perpetual Propulsion Engine. By using electrical discharge and rerouting the excess electricity back into a storage device and then a transformer to step up the voltage. By using this method, you use virtually no fuel. If you are interested in the concept and would like more information, you are welcome to email me, message me, or however else youd like to contact me. i provided but a very brief description of my concept. it is much more in depth than it appears here, but i would rather discuss the entirety of this concept with someone i know is interested.