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Accelerating motor-generator selfcharging capacitors without any batteries

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Hi guys! I just want to say that if his motor generator is close to unity (runs for two hours), it is obvious to me that the overunity part of the system should be his stargate motor.
It would be great if someone could test a stargate type motor coupled with an identical motor as a generator and see if it exceeds unity.

His stargate motor video:



--- Quote from: tinu on January 25, 2012, 02:41:40 PM ---What's so interesting?!
Q=C*U or U=Q/C
Lower the capacity (C), higher the voltage (U) for a given charge (Q) flowing in the series circuit.

If the big cap was 1nF, the voltage would instantly go to the maximum EMF of that generator. So what?!

Now I have a real difficult question: how it comes a guy knowing so little about electricity has so fancy devices and expensive stuff? That is something I can't really understand. ;)

--- End quote ---
I have questions for you! have you ever succeed to produce any device able to accelerate with no power supply, while even filling caps? And why he made this vid and talk about the new cap if it is because the it has made a significant positive change I would like to see many here to do like?
And what makes you so jealous that you feel need to be so negatively critical and depreciative with this experimentator that try to make progresses for free energy? and has made so very clean apparatus? and stay humble on his results?

As I see, while he has put a link to this thread, he didn't come post then after, and why should he do if so negatives comments as you did?


--- Quote from: Liberty on January 25, 2012, 04:05:19 PM ---I think the 16 volt cap is a 120,000uf.  Also, the star-gate motor is assisted by a built-in Wankel style magnet motor with a single coil pulsing once or twice per revolution.  The Wankel is built around the outside of the axial style generator that is located in the center of the generator box.  With just the Wankel running the generator, he  says that it will run for an hour or two.  The strange thing is that it speeds up after he manually starts it, but then it runs out of juice in an hour.  That does not make good sense to me.

--- End quote ---
Hi Liberty! Note that he never said it stops or after how long it's stopped in his last vid, only for previous about only his Quanta Magnet Motor Generator Hybrid! but looks he is afraid to come here to say more; I ask myself "why?" !...

I don't know. Before trying to figure out exactly how this machine works, I'm wondering why he said "Is this over unity or not? I'll let you decide" Why doesn't he say it is or isn't. If I had something over unity I would be yelling it from the highest hill. I couldn't wait to get on to the next test to show off my find. I could think of all kind of interesting tests to prove what I have. Where are the follow up videos or even better credible verification from someone. I'm tired of things that are shrouded in mystery and self discovery. I challenge this guy to give us solid proof of concept. How many people here have tried to duplicate the Mike motor or the Romero motor or how many others? The Stargate Motor? Come on. You can't just slap magnets around the outside of a DC motor anywhere you want without knowing exact timing by position as well as manyother things and expect to see results. Not to mention the outside steel of the case is a form of keeper and will let very little trough to the other side.  Has anyone ever built a Stargate motor? Sorry guys this all looks to familiar to me. The only thing missing here so far is instructions or a DVD for sale.
John H

Hi John (dadhav),
While I agree with many of your sentiments, especially the amount of flux getting past the casing, I can tell you
that with the small motor in the pic below and the 4 small neos, the rpms increase from around 2400 to 3150 - mind you
the current draw does not increase!
I don't understand why or how, but I simply wanted to try it and that is the result I got.
Thanks, Garry.


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