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Author Topic: Kapanadze Coil Specification Request....  (Read 9211 times)


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Kapanadze Coil Specification Request....
« on: January 22, 2012, 10:29:44 AM »
The kapanadze is 600++ pages long, is there a good place to start with a concensus of information available?
I've seen many different people say the coil is wound all sorts of ways, but I can't find the ones that I thought were most correct.
Also, As applied to this joule ringer stuff I've seen, what's the variation to change to the kapagen coil instead of the bi or tri-filar coil... and I know there's something important about putting the ground wire back trough the coil, which is going to provide a capacitive pump on that side as the induction is happening in the other coils.
I've been playing with coils, and have a couple that are wound in concentric layers, and unattached, as they were intended to be a capacitor, so I wound the open coils but next to each other to see the capacitance, then I wound a cadaceus coil similarly - but I think I ended up with much more wire on that one, and ended up putting it onto a ferrrous tube, so I have all sorts of bifilar variations to try... and what there was that new article at PESN, about the oscillator to try tesla effects, which is also generating spactial fields around the batteries, and I wound the 4.7uH and 22uH coils ... which also makes it look like these joule theif circuits minus the transformer, but I have this ignition coil here...


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Re: Kapanadze Coil Specification Request....
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2012, 04:23:37 PM »
The secret to ou is resonance. I'm over 10 days away from being able to start work due to commitments.
It's taken me 14 months of investigation to get to the truth. The l1 and l2 coils need to be wound to a ratio of 4:1. Or a multiple of same. Caduceus is a good output coil, because it soaks up everything. Only concentrate on resonance in the two tank circuits. Everything else follows from that premise. It's the secret. Kapanadze told us that anyway. We just didn't listen. The coil length includes the connecting wires. Adding connecting wires messes up resonance. It's that strict.


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Re: Kapanadze Coil Specification Request....
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2022, 11:46:01 AM »
My five cents worth
Resonance yes but not parametric its stochastic that's how he manages to get the output to run at 50/60 Hz
Many years of thinking about this coil and how it works.
Just a thought to ponder