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I would like to ask for help in finding information, links or advice to understand why multi strands of copper wire are twisted inside an insulating material to form a single wire or cable.

If the wires are not braided or twisted, then the wires would be in a parallel configuration.  I seem to remember reading that braided or twisted wires prevent some kind of problem that parallel wires in cables produce.

I have been searching Google for several days now and can't find reference to this.  I've tried many different search terms and apparently can't find the right words.

TPU Bruce has built multi stranded cables for an experiment he is working on.  His cables consist of many strands of copper wire laid side by side and then tinned at the ends forming a cable without twist or braiding.  There must be a reason for this kind of configuration.

Have you tried Wikipedia?
It took me less than one minute to find.

 What about this:

Hello stoker_x1
I think the information regarding Litz wire may answer your question.


Thank you for your replies.....

I never used the term "power".  I spent two days searching wire, parallel, copper, cables, wire magnetic fields and so on and so on with many different configurations.

Power never entered my mind


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