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Title: Bedini Pulse w/o battery?
Post by: CaptainKout on December 21, 2011, 04:33:59 AM
In the Energy from the Vacuum 2 there is a part (just after min 43) were Bedini explains the pulse aspect of a pulse motor. He then shows two small mechanical prototypes which seem to show overunity without any visible batteries or wiring. One is a pendulum which after a couple oscillations goes fully rotational and continues for the rest of the clip. The second is a wooden version of his monopole motor which after a couple tries starts a rapid acceleration. Before he starts the pendulum he says "this is a simulation of how the motor pulses." I don't see any wires!! Are these two little contraptions going overunity without any batteries or electricity? The way he phrases it makes me think that there is likely a battery or something in the base. So what is the deal here because if they are showing overunity without the fun and often deceptive electronics of his other devices, then that is more impressive than anything else I've seen so far.

Posted the clip here:

or  (first upload so I don't know which will work)