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Title: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: ivaeugen on December 14, 2011, 01:26:48 AM
lost phisics or maybe dooms day

One month ago, i have rediscovered the idea of perpetual move, idea common to each and every child when discovering science. However, this idea is strongly, rapidly and quite brutally inhibited by the science teachers.  As the child from within has not entirely disappeared, I search the internet to find out the others way of thinking and also if there is any chance for me to go anywhere....  lot of stupid things there!!!  But, among these stupid things  i have started to notice at least odd facts. in this way i have reached the UFOs, aliens....which led to legends and signs. Story is long  but to cut it short I have reached this point with overunity: Ö®, ∞, ♀, ♂, which is: (picture from botom page)

There is talked a lot about fast spinning red mercury – I'd bet there are mercury vapours in inert gases with a red light. Mercury is not magnetic but it can be polarised ... so some researches are saying that mercury can be magnetic for short periods of time when the particles are hitting each other and exchange electrons. So it can be magnetically polarised and if something external triggers the system, the particles from the tube within will be hitting  each other frequently and it will occur the magnetic polarisation .

This idea has made me 3 days ago to return to the initial idea of magnetic motor. Here i have associated "droje" which has a very interesting signalistics asociated -  it  looks like 2 concentric coils with  another coils cross like between the first 2 coils and a triphasic rotor (david star) in the middle; so everything seems to focus on a single central atom; the 2 coils are generating a vortex - double helix... i think that the entire device is trying to dismantle in a very controlled way an atom; in this moment i linked that with what Edward Leedskalnin said and done..  there is a long story but i think that the atom can be dismantled very easy if you know how to do it. What i have found out is following: magnetisation is a nuclear process which is modifying the atom structure – by taking out the protons from the nucleus and bringing them onto an opposite orbit to the electrons; the magnetic field is not generated by protons and electrons; it is composed from protons and electrons orbiting outside the material .
As the protons and electrons on the orbit and the neutrons within the nucleus,  the nature of the magnetic and electrical current is dual - electron and + proton result in now there can be separated the mass from the energy... quite easily, with 2 coils. Or, there can be added energy and reach  gravity/ anti gravity. If this theory is valid, the antigravity can be easily obtained: almost all elements being diamagnetic there can be over charged: a magnetic wave must be generated by a frequency resonating with the structure of the material needed to levitate the waves must hit the material with the opposite polarity of the earth hemisphere is in... and if it is applied enough energy...  apparently the object will loose weight; if the polariti are applied backwards (opposite with the earth one + with -) the object will apparently gain weight, and if Edward Leedskalnin has done what the legends are telling that he has done with not available a large qty of energy then, probably the process is not very big energy eater looks quite easy and cheap but in the same time very dangerous because any person having some electronic  knowledge and understanding that  + is not just a symbol, ground or something that can be ignored will be able understand that a magnet is an splitter mass/energy and to easy build cheap but very efficient devices able to modifying radically and very easy the essence of our world: mass – energy /time (mass and energy affects time)
the contemporary physics needs ad-dons. positive energy, relationship mass-energy/time.
if is true... it is dangerous, and i have spent a lot thinking about telling world about my discovery or not. however if we cannot manage this force...we are still primates and we do not deserve to call ourselves as a civilisation neither to survive.
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: ivaeugen on December 14, 2011, 03:47:02 PM
i do not understand electronics but i think that i understud what is doing all your dynamo/motors and are builded wrong.
is basically same thing with taking energy from the air with an wire from sky to ground but with compacted device and turbo forced process, you take energy from magnet, now your magnet is in energy vacuum and suck back power from air, the mistake is that you use same magnets to spin the rotor and give back too many... 1st you give back to balance for free and only from that moment giving more will be used to spin the rotor: use a second row of smaller magnets on a larger circle with a single set of coils for motor moment ;)

and another one... ppl are saying in a very important way "radiant energy" but do not really understand the words => all energy is radiant, we have underunity because we need energy in linear way and difference from balance to our randament is used to force energy to go linear
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: ivaeugen on December 14, 2011, 05:08:54 PM
i think i understood more... a lot more
mass by collapsing is generating energy blow and make mater by combining mass with energy, mater is loosing energy and collapse again, and again, entire galaxy is a big pulse engine and those who build droje understood that and replicated at a smaller scale, droje is achieving overunity because energy is an effect of mass, droje is generating endless energy, you can take that energy and force matter to collapse again and produce more energy... coils from droje are not only to build magnetic field and force a small black hole, are to harvest energy after blow too... the only problem remaining is that who build that is thinking 4 poles... are always 4 different colors alternating in same order.

droje can be translated as essence of everything... maybe replica of essence!?! :D

i think 2 colors are for interacting with energy and other 2 for controling mass, mass must have 2 parts... we need the 2nd part of mass to triger the reaction who generate energy

holy grail... source of supreme power... looking like a box...  "do not tuch directly with your hand" => don't put your fingers in outlet
maybe a storage for this device... or just an old fuse box...
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: ivaeugen on December 15, 2011, 05:13:56 PM
is posible that in a black hole to be our missing element, maybe those two collors are somehow fake that element and trigger reaction with neutrons and in this way is producied an energy blast and i think that bronze have something to do with

or it may be no second element it may be realy simple, centrifugation, by spining realy fast an atom will separate mass from energy, isolate mass from energy and mass will produce another energy
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: ivaeugen on December 15, 2011, 05:59:14 PM
how to build a zpm (or at least a good try):
build a gyroscop from PURE iron, coper... put that gyroscope in an donut shape builded from bronze, you can use an ax to spin gyro from both sides, outside the bronze donut use some very basic motor with no contact on moving parts (magnetic bearings) vacuum entire device and... will produce overunity energy for free forever, because when you take some, mass (neutrons) from metall gyro will add to rebalance.

and here is the meaning of do not work against nature but work with nature... nature (of elements) seek balance. at least untill what i sayed before is not prooved with not doubt to not work i'll consider energy problem solved, this is the esence of energy, now everyone will know... it is easy, do not try to do it dificult
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: ivaeugen on December 16, 2011, 06:29:37 PM
flying with sound... we know to create potential difference in pressure and proved in a wing shape, we can measure sound wave length, sound is pressure back and forth... do the math. it is really easy (at least in theory) if you understand the pattern and what energy is
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: ivaeugen on December 16, 2011, 08:42:10 PM
lift with sound: since surrounding nature experimented with this long before us easiest way is that 1st must be checked feathers and snowflakes on birds... my bet is that one is producing some sound frequency and the other is using that sound to increase lift force... for this little "secret" birds are flying more efficient that us
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: ivaeugen on December 17, 2011, 07:31:13 PM
universe math is in base 2, we are using math 10 based, pi is actually used to convert math used by universe (2 based) in our way to calculate. in base 2 will be: effect + effect will result in cause x cause but it is not 4 causes it is 2x2 because different base of math... graphically seeing i think that is that "golden curve" from alchemy... this is the base of physics interaction and further it is same rule scaled at various levels... that is god, it is fundamental unbreakable law because you do not have anything to interact in other way... universe math is 2 based and it looks difficult for us to see cause/effect relation and use it only because our math is 10 based and any result must be converted by pi to work for real... pi is not round to be easy to use and most of us give up to understand... we are all saying the words but do not really understanding the meanings.
a pyramid is a representation in 10 base math of this process with source of everything in top and his effects going to bottom... is a misunderstanding resulted in a sculpture of a physical interaction cause/effect.
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: ivaeugen on December 18, 2011, 06:32:27 AM
and back to the origins. universe is building in best way, life and biological is top of his work and at least by our knowledge we are best piece of this, we are "state of the art" of universe, very precise engineered and constructed to fit in a very specific way in terrestrial biosphere, we are engineered and build in a very complex way to be happy in nature... and we are building technology in a very energy and resource wasting way ruining what make us happy... maybe building (at least in this brutal way) it is not such a bright idea
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: ivaeugen on July 14, 2012, 10:41:11 AM
i finally understood "ancients secrets" (in my view they where not (as described) primitive at all, they were a really advanced technological society), i know to build perpetual motion, who give "over unity", "anti-gravity" and "time flow" bubbles (in fact it are not such things, it is use power from atoms (and there is allot), and those 3 are close related and cannot be separated) is a turbionary counter rotative magnetic field (circle to thorus to opposed cones and finaly line) from permanent magnets and are no moving parts, it is pretty easy but because we use some twisted conventions it logically appearing to not be possible (or is difficult to understand)...

hints: it may be difficult but forget conventions and use real values
-"short circuit" it is not really what we think it is, and a bad think to be avoided... for real is sacrifice some power for favoring direction flow
- there is not alternate current, is continuous pulsed and/or reversed, there is no ground, it is positive and negative (one push stronger the other pull stronger)
- observe and think in nature way, do not oppose because nature will fight back and being huge will win (and give you lousy randaments), do not try to be "smart" and use learned formulas, everything is binary and use only additions and subtractions... is vedic math and geometry using identical circles linked in line, triangle or square but in 3 dimensional way (spneres, cubes or piramyds are only aparent edges)

BTW: ed leedskalnin is correct but because of our twisted conventions is difficult to really understand, the most difficult part is to not reinterpret his info using your "knowledge", forget what you know, take-it straight and re-learn magnetism, to be able to use you must understand not memorize
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: ivaeugen on July 16, 2012, 09:51:26 AM
i think that this "ancient secret" is in fact known in some "circles" because lot of ppl tell that you can take energy from vacuum but they do not know to tell you how, they have a bit of knowledge but... they twisted information, in fact you can create vacuum of energy by sucking it, another bit is told by the double spiral who is the essence but although they know is important they do not understand why and justify by magic, rodin have even more info by knowing about 2 opposed circuits, powered in continuous with a space between and adding spiral and vacuum energy in equation but he mixes planes with poles and spaces then justify some correct arranged numbers by voodoo magic so obviously he heard something and misunderstood idea, because of that his construction miss some critical components... his coil may be usable but you'll need a CPU factory to miniaturize the rest of device in order to work... anyway his construction finished will result in a bomb... if you already built one put a magnet in the middle, spin him and you will have a really good power source, if you close the loop you may have some sort of gravity... too lazy to think now and already too complex pattern but think that any gravity will be contained and annihilated inside because you still have missing pieces and wrong building.

now if you ever understand how to build such device please be really careful... put him in a faraday cage and use electromagnets because reaction will accelerate to infinite in instant and it may result in disaster (too much vacuum of energy will result in electromagnetic storm (already bad) which may induce gravity/temporal one (rearrange of matter))... you need a switch to regulate power and/or stop to maintain only the controllable tornado and not go to hurricane... is like a nuclear reaction, you can build a reactor who control reaction and will give you power or you can overpower him and build a bomb (i think that this is what is telling you ed leedskalnin by telling you that if you make a girl to be careful to not make your girl too fat).
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: ivaeugen on July 17, 2012, 02:27:52 PM
True enlightenment via technology has never been a bright Idea, I agree

hope to exist such thing (enlightenment) but i do not really believe (difference between possible (anything is possible) and probable (most things are not)).
now with no technology to really confirm (or infirm) your believes, all are just suppositions, suppositions can easily mutate in superstitions and will result in a church, so i think technology is in fact good for enlightenment but (like any other thing) if do not abuse it :P
(p.s. sorry for delayed response)
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: hoptoad on July 18, 2012, 03:56:26 AM
Of course, this is just my opinion, and therefore not worth a great deal.

Your opinion is as valid and valuable as anyone's.

Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: Qwert on July 18, 2012, 05:48:43 AM
flying with sound... we know to create potential difference in pressure and proved in a wing shape, we can measure sound wave length, sound is pressure back and forth... do the math. it is really easy (at least in theory) if you understand the pattern and what energy is

Try this: (

And the book mentioned in above link: (

also: (

or google "tibetan monks lift" and/or "ACOUSTIC LEVITATION OF STONES by Bruce L. Cathie"
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: ivaeugen on July 18, 2012, 02:14:54 PM
about enlightenment... that word can have (at least) 2 meanings, if you refer to enlightenment like in stargate series "ancients ascension" by my view cannot be true because is arrogance to believe that we are so important to have a latter purpose and laziness in hopes for cheat to have removed limitations (all powers and knowledge as a free gift). but if by enlightenment you understand one more step in knowledge and understanding only technology will tell you if you are on the right path or just voodoo-ing :P
if you try to refer of what i understand by abusing tech and ruining nature... is to buy a new car/phone... not because the old one is done but because the new one is more "fashion", is to let car engine run not because is useful to do so, but just because you can afford cost of wasting the fuel, is to buy a hybrid car and pretend to protect nature (go read what chemicals are used to build your battery, how they are obtained, from where and what many other materials are used in process), is to build a plate from aluminum just to use it in supporting a flower pot, is generally any "luxury" who use rare or consumable materials in unnecessary or improper way.

about using sound in fly, i think i understood how they used it and is at least a 2nd part, i know that someone will pretend to invented that himself and patent-it but i'll still tell. by my understanding in vimanas (rukma one) they copied what a fly (bee, wasp...) do, they used 3 principles, they used sound for stabilization (some limited levitation) by building ship in a sphere on size, bell on shape, of emitted sound wavelength  but more important to remove friction by resonance in outer chassis, 3 or 4 layers of coanda effect but not to propell, only to control and arrange surrounding air and finally a small ordinary propeller for really moving air, but that small effect of small propellers is exponential boosted by the 1st 2 who remove resistance and arrange air on a large area of laminar flow (non turbulent) with low pressure and high speed, will result a hi-speed subsonic (and even maybe supersonic) flight with same performances we do but way more economical to do-it. they basically payed more attention to details, to what nature do or that "make silence to be able to listen", i personally prefer "don't play smart, keep-it simple"
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: ivaeugen on July 19, 2012, 10:36:51 AM
i just understood how they used gyros too but again to understand what really do and be able to use-it you must not play smart and keep-it simple, then don't be greedy and try to gain power very fast by using 1st effect and his biggest force... their gyros are called gyros because uses gyroscopic power of a mass but in fact are not discs.
what a gyro do: link a weight with a cable, catch the other end of the cable and start spinning accelerating your weight, your weight will start to respond less to gravity and more to centrifugal force, at the top of the effect will use a circular moving force to overwhelm linear gravity by make-it insignificant (this process side view is a cross), but is stationary and in order to use this force you need to break the loop, break the circle and kinetic energy will be yours, you just invented a slingshot, till now not very useful because you'll need to put back more energy to start process again, but how to use with no breaking... look in the nature or listen to the whether channel and you'll find high pressure front, low pressure front and a tornado between... is a helix with round acceleration but discharged in linear between ends and to be really linear and cancel motor moment of your gyro is a double helix rotating in opposite ways, now find a material with lot of mass capable to follow that path and a way to move-it, by me at 1st call will result water and pump... not working because use opposite mechanical force who cancel effect, but you already looked in nature and found that mechanical energy from tornado is maintained by hi/low pressure obtained from heat/cold air, you need a different type of energy to generate mechanical try mercury and electricity/magnetism, not using same and conversion will help because is not mechanical opposing, you will use lot of power but will manage to oppose gravity or gain move in linear by kinetic energy in closed loop :P
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: Qwert on July 19, 2012, 11:32:06 AM
..."don't play smart, keep-it simple"...

I would say rather: "don't play smart, just do it." Have you built a device based on your knowledge?
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: ivaeugen on July 19, 2012, 12:47:01 PM
using my knowledge (most of is probably same as yours) learned in school and some ingenuity i builded many devices, using what i understood now i have in progress 2, free energy one (and i'm pretty scared of) and flight using sound, coanda effect and propeller. anyway i'm moving slow because both have parts who require not very special materials but special tools and craftsmanship and i'm jobless so i don't have resources, instead i have time to search and try to understand :D
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: Qwert on July 19, 2012, 06:09:53 PM
ivaeugen, until you (or somebody else) build a device and prove it is working properly, your knowledge is worth a pound of B. S. There are a lot of very ingenious people in this and other forums as well as independent builders around the globe who have built devices based on their great ideas; yet their operation fails when comes to proper tests. In conclusion, no proved working device is known yet.
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: ivaeugen on July 20, 2012, 12:25:08 AM
almost full agree with that... is what i tried to say by "only technology will tell you if you are on the right path or just voodoo-ing", what i think different: even if i'm overall wrong my shared ideas can help someone and inspire a better one (i inspired allot using bits of info from other people attempts, some of apparently unrelated).
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: ivaeugen on July 20, 2012, 09:23:24 AM
already almost philosophical and maybe out of this forum purpose but is still a link and may be useful (my obsession to simplify).
love and understanding... to understand love and treat proper by understanding is a way too big target, love is an effect of universe laws but is an effect of an effect, of an effect.... at 999xxx... hand, to understand that are necessary way too many other relationships to be understood, we have just raised in 2 feets and learned walking, let's try 1st a smaller target, let's learn to run before wish to win olympics. how to deal with love... empirical, no need to understand (especially if you can't), what created us is smart and give us capability to look around and see what is working better with your options, use experience, is not perfect but still working.
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: ivaeugen on July 20, 2012, 10:54:50 AM
i have finished reading that link with monks flying stones by using drums and trumpets... very interesting but in my view technical useless, that is a show, is a piece of art, is a symphony... too complex pattern, trying  to make a schematic of that is like trying to build a mechanical device using beethoven 9nth symphony, take-it easy, simplify, go back and see a wing by sound shockwave and wavelength point of view, look at that and in this way is allot more easier to understand, it become possible to technical use.
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: ivaeugen on July 20, 2012, 05:13:38 PM
now let see what is the same and what in different.
a wing generate a continuous shockwave then use differential speed generated by shape to create lift by differential pressure.
sound is shockwave but not continuous, is a sinusoid, up and down or back and forth. how to obtain differential speed and continuity in sound ... isn't really easy because you need lot of precision but not extremely difficult either, sound travel with different speeds in different mediums, more density is lot more speed in soundwave traveling, to boost and better control take a second, third, forth sound source, put them in symmetrical opposite in outside and at the bottom of a bell shape (why bell shape: sound is expanding in sphere like shape, a bell have an S profile and that is the way to deny sound bobble to touch in same time more that one point) and sound will hit the bell, travel thru to top, bounce back as an echo because hit his opposite and hit himself with the wave part who travel in air and slower then repeat that process till is loosing all the power, you just obtained differential speed and converted soundwave power in air flow, in this way you'll have lot of resonance and traction increased the top and decreasing to the bottom, is excellent stabilization and is traction too :P
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: ivaeugen on July 21, 2012, 08:19:45 AM
just realized that some people may try build that and for real is not so great... before you try you must understand that this system have some big drawbacks, 1st sound power, for few kilos such system may work but to lift few tons sound wave amplitude needed is powerful enough to kill you, 2nd those waves bouncing in your chassis put allot of stress in material and structural integrity will fail pretty fast, and 3rd but by my view biggest problem is that system do not really give propulsion, is more hanging from top air by creating lot of turbions unfortunately not linear arranged but opposing,  that force who hang your structure is basically in aeronautical terms drag by turbulent flow and is allot of work to move away of craft those turbulence, if you try to move-it will start opposing... not really useful for an airship who must move.
by me the only useful thing of sound in airship is resonance who create lot of small shock waves forcing air act as solid and fracture him creating a thin layer of non friction
Title: Re: Overunity and... more, a lot more
Post by: ivaeugen on July 22, 2012, 11:33:49 AM
thinking to use sound power to make electrical power.
what we can use... shock wave, fracture air and in fracture will be vacuum, potential difference between 0 and 1 atmosphere is big...  but that energy is spread along path travel, now sound have pretty big speed, too collect more energy you need to stop sound in one hit, how to sort those two... put to travel in a ticker surface to saturate harder, to carry more inside and loose less to external wave, use single source, and capture round, focus to central point where will hit himself in a precise synchronized way to stop in single step, need lot of precision including in internal structure of conductor material but i think that in central focus point will result enough vacuum to create enough potential difference to be possible to harvest a decent amount and worth to build that way.
i tried some shapes and realized that a bell is basically a lens to focus sound... all you need is a hemispherical hole in top to allow vacuum to be builded in focused way... like in picture... then i realized those shapes are really common to all cultures in all places of the world from roof shapes to church bells... think those were their recycling devices or collect power from surrounding nature noises.