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Author Topic: which is better a magnet passing over the top of a coil or passing it over the  (Read 13039 times)

Offline cityvillian

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I have a few questions would appreciate some help, thanks.

1) Which is better a magnet passing over the top of a coil (where the center hole is) or passing it over the side of the coil where more copper is exposed? Shouldn't the magnetic field pass a coil perpendicular to the copper wire? Yet in so many designs I see the magnets going over the top (where the center hole is).

2)  Also wouldn't  it be better to alternate the magnetic poles by  passing over the coil with a positive pole then a negative pole then a positive pole etc (to release more EMF and capture more EMF and magnetism by the cap and the other coils or secondary coil) , then to say always have a the same pole pass over a coil?

3) Im thinking of the circut for this, something like, Induction coil, resistor, cap, dioide, rectifier then power out .
Is this order correct or do I need a resistor after the cap and not before?

4)  My main confusion is, how do I get the cap to release it's charge when its full? Is this done with a higher rated diode that matches the cap?

Thanks in advance for any light you can eluminate my darkened mind with.


Offline wojwrobel

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You are making mistake ! you have to treat coil as two wire where the magnet passes thru the center (hole)

the best results would be if one wire have N and other S pole at the same time then nothing and then oposite! 

so you have to desing you coil to have hole size as magnet size and each pasing wire thick as magnet, if you dont get it i can draw it for you;-)


if i would be you i would look on THANE HEINS work on youtube

hes idea is that the higher the frequency, the current in wire gets delayed vs magnet that caused this current to flow in wire so the lenz force is minimal

so check it out its worth looking and i dont thing that any other magic will work this guy is really have some good work there check it

cheers from poland

ps there is a site
where you can calculate this delay but in degrease 0-90 when 90 you have the best delay but you cant never get to 90 you can get to 89.9999999..... max its a tanegs function that never reach 90

so you have to know your frequency (hz) ,inductance (H) ,your coil resistance (ohm)

dig it so more you will find that you need high frequency(hz) so many magnets passing in 1 seconds

Offline wojwrobel

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Offline Quietman

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