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Title: Idea Phase only need help constructing
Post by: rhenson32 on November 16, 2011, 07:13:22 PM
I've been reading this forum for awhile and a long time ago came up with a combination idea for overunity. I think will work. I do not have machinist skills as I found out while trying to create it at home. I knew all along I would release my idea in open source so here it goes, I don't want to die or anything to happen to me without the idea becoming available for everyone. Hopefully someone will grasp the concepts and build the machine. I only want recognition for the idea.

The device uses a vertical instead of horizontal smot device such as shown in these youtube videos depicting horizontal smot devices.

Notice the sticking point. I have an idea to overcome the sticking point. place the devices on a vertical axis and then connect a bracketted pendulum which powers the magnets over the sticking point with gravity. A counter weight which moves on gears could also be used to store the energy of the magnets traveling thru the arch and the counter weight would pick up speed from the earths gravity to push the magnets back into the arch. The counter weight and pendulum would have to be geared on a ratchet system where they only supply power to the center axel when needed to push past the sticky point.

Hope it makes sense to someone besides me and people experiment.