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Author Topic: Looking for qualified members for research/prototype team in Asheville  (Read 25871 times)


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    • Gregor.Ninja
Hey all, I am on an intentional community here in Asheville, NC. I currently have a couple sources of funding while managing a machine shop on the community. We're putting together green houses and and a wood shop also, as well as other various sustainable projects. We have housing available with work trade, and looking for out of the box thinker/builder types to co-create in the shop; mechanics, welders, blacksmiths, machinists especially.

I am involved in Tesla science, vortex mathematics, and zero point energy physics. In the process of building a 30 ft Tesla tower (Tesla Tree Project, video also showcases workshop; It is 80% complete, with future plans after this prototype of building an electromagnetic motor (that is self running and creates inertial propulsion) built off coil systems derived from vortex based mathematics (such as the rodin coil, but these coils are pure twisted metal, not wrapped wire). I have a custom made torque machine to twist metal, such as for the tower which consists of three copper tubes twisted together to form a triple helix which creates a geometrical fractal structure that connects the lower finite dimensions to the true zero point (zero dimension) which is the gateway into the infinite non-dimensional existence (IMHO of my observations and understandings of nature).

Completion and successful operation of the tower opens the door for much more funding from current investors as well as local community leaders. There is a major grassroots focus on my projects.

Serious inquiries should just e-mail me if you want a quicker response.