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Title: My New Video Showing Inertial Lift And Propulsion
Post by: Jerry Volland on October 30, 2011, 09:45:43 PM
I’ve uploaded a YouTube video showing what I call my Reaction Machine.  The video shows the machine jump into the air, then, when there’s nothing to push against, produce a horizontal thrust impulse which carries it forwards as it comes down.  These movements are reactions to the mechanism pulling against the weights’ inertia.

I’ve included text in the video, along with stop motion images.  The first still image shows the machine in the air, with the weights just starting to come around on the back.  As the weights move around on the back, their CF causes some reverse movement (in the air), but the camera isn’t fast enough to catch it.

As the weights move side by side down the middle, towards the front, something I call a phase shift occurs (the second time in the video), momentarily stopping the weights’ forward movement, as they counterbalance the motor’s tip.  This transfers their Transverse Orbital Momentum to the frame as it comes back down.  The base’s Moment of Inertia also plays a role.

Here’s the link:

I’ve already managed to put this device into the Public Domain by posting the basic video clip to another forum, two or three years ago, where it was discussed a little.  It’s now more than one year after the first public demonstration.