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Author Topic: 6 serial rodin coils reduce power consumption (Tesla Tech '11)  (Read 5722 times)

Online Cloxxki

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6 serial rodin coils reduce power consumption (Tesla Tech '11)
« on: October 26, 2011, 12:27:55 PM »
Full presentation by Marko Rodin and assocciates. It starts here. Vortex based math introduction, update on coil research, and music/healing.

Some of it will be old news to you, or simply time consuming talk. Zap cautiously though, because good stuff often comes right after the less exciting or oherent stuff.

OK, about the energy reduction Jamie seems to get now, from the 6 serially linked Rodin coils (not sure of winding pattern).
It's not quite solid state, still requiring the spinning neodyneum, but hey, if the measurements are correct, it's still great, right?

Of significance is that Marko announces they've not been able to recreate the near-homopole that got them famous, as the specially wound coil was lost. Yet the north-only drill bit they created is still there (please correct me when wrong).

About the math and proofs, I'm not 100% ready to accept it all. So much I don't know yet, and what I do know is hard to get all clear in my head at the same time.
Some things may be coincidence rather than significance. Or pattern in math I have always regarded as logical, is in fact not to be taken for granted.
On a side note : predicted prime numbers through Rodin's math! Visual patterns primes form. You gotta see this, be a bit patient with the editing and filling of the videos.

Jamie Buturff is an extremely bright and cooperative man getting so much of the Rodin math related appplications out there to us. And I think the Rodin team deserves more support from other free forward thinkers.
I think Jamie's nautical miles number might be slightly off from the velocity around a circle, because a curve also doesn't descibe a circle, but curves in 3 dimensions. Perhaps someone could calculate 2*pi ith a 1 degree (1/360th) offset, as in a spiral? It could be mighty close...

Please see the movies, get up to speedd with what they're doing, and add your own thoughts and theories, when necessary with experimentation?