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Title: MEG / SEG Construction
Post by: Esa Maunu on June 15, 2006, 10:29:33 AM
To get some radiation from the rotating magnet system,we need an initial radiation source.
You should try to coat the magnets with a very thin,pure aluminium
or copper small foil strips.Foil strips must be also electrically insulated
from magnets and from other foil strips.
For this purpose,thin foil with a glue is good.
Aluminium and copper are paramagnetic materials,and
have a paramagnetic resonance in a magnetic field.Thin foil is
needed,because there is less eddy currents with a thin and pure
materials.Magnetic field is on the small area also more homogeneously.
Usually eddy currents destroys this initial,weak
radiation,before it grows up to strong,static field.What actually
happens,is that this static field,when it has right form ( nested
field ),grows up to plasma field.When this plasma field is
formed,and we feed an electron beam to plasma wave,electrons begin
surf on plasma wave,and have energy up to 100MeV level.It is much
the same as happens,when a boat goes through the water,and waves in
front of the boat have a high speed,when boat pushes them away.It
happens,that when electron with a high energy changes it`s
direction,it radiates to it`s environment.This radiation energy with
high energies occurs,because ZPE field is converting to Davies-Unruh
type radiation energy.
Also you need sharp changes in a magnetic field,and rotate the
device with 1-2mm off-center,to get more accelerating effect.