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Author Topic: Lost in watercar land. Who has a map, please?  (Read 7493 times)

Offline Cloxxki

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Lost in watercar land. Who has a map, please?
« on: September 28, 2011, 02:37:55 PM »
So many loose or dead ends, it's hard to keep track of this line of research.

This thread is to shed light on who's doing what, or deserves attention and/or support from the FE community.

I follow the new watercar newsgroup, and it covers some interesting angles, but can't begin to cover them all.

I am, from the top of my head aware of:
- ANTON project, as presented on this website. Claimed self runner, unclear to me base d on which science. What's their status, or believability?
- RWG Research. Most elaborate replication project of Meyer tech. All the known subsustems are all being built. Great video's on youtube, even No claims, thus very believable in my book.
- Fast Freddy. Claims of many miles on a bit of water. Thousands of sold units. Many versions being mentioned, but not one replication. Huge lack of understanding of even just one version. Seems like a scam, but was there vital new science presented?
- Newsgroup member "condor" found anomolous cascade like electrolysis from a Freddy-style tuned double tube setup where amps dropped at a specific input range as gas production spiked up. 60x Faraday gas production observed. No replication of that experiment thusfar. I got the impression that it's an instable set of circumstances, hard to stay locked on as it exhibits itself.

I will likely miss more significant projects that should be mentioned above. Please do add or correct me.
Is there anyone who's able to draw an overview of what work is being done, who's in feed of funding or technical backup to make the next leap?

Thanks so much for your assistance.


Offline Cloxxki

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Re: Lost in watercar land. Who has a map, please?
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2011, 06:39:38 PM »
That went well.