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Self Running 40kW (40,000 Watt) Fuelless Generator from scam?

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somebody knows or buy plans from somebody know if they are a scam?

In my humble opinion....scam.  They charge you just to ask questions about it.  Plus, they are still on the grid over there, why would that be if they have all of this free energy?


i think its a fake i talked to them and the only thing they are interested in is money becouse they keep asking for it with nothing in return for it

Its far harder to get 1 watt over your input expenditure than it seems to be to part fools from their money. If they cant show the small scale extra watt where does the the 40000 watts come from.

Even for me, who don't know much language, this site is a place to cheat innocent researchers. It's enough to look for the unconventional healing methods that they presents saying it's about Holy Spirit. The brain is getting hot when you read that quantum energy will both give you electrcity and heal you. Similar problem is on the, which propose another strange unconventional methods of healing and that stinks from far away. I'm very happy that members of this forum are aware of fakes. A special forum place for fakes description would be fine.


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