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Author Topic: Power Saving Tips - Tesla Free Energy Generator  (Read 8046 times)

Offline mrepr6688

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Power Saving Tips - Tesla Free Energy Generator
« on: August 22, 2011, 05:53:45 PM »
Do you know how to save electricity in your home most effective? There is a way that make you never worried about the bill of electricity? That is a secret. However you are one of the lucky people when you are here reading this writing.
In the past century, there are thousands of questions about finding free energy were raised. It was not sun battery, was not wind power. When you find it, you won't have to pay thousands of dollars to pay for it.
Then what you can do to have it? It is very simple, you only have to pay 100 dollars to have necessary things to fix it from some local electronics store.
Don't you hear it on radio? Don't you watch it on TV? Yes because, it is a big secret. It had been hidden for 90 years, as the investors were afraid of it would destroy the basic of large energy they had obsessed.
All started in 1934, when the inventor Nikola Tesla said: " I have harnessed the cosmic rays and caused them to operate a motive device". And it has created great attention to the investors at that time.
Fearing that would be the end of the industry which is worth billions of dollars. Immediately the big investor withdrew all funds that made Tesla unable to accomplish his invention. And it has become secrete for many years until now when a group of scientists discover the lost documents of Tesla. They have been quietly researching and developed it. Instead of keeping secrete for themselves, they have written a guidebook on Tesla generator follow each steps there. A small and flexible generators help you make it and use easily and unlimited.
You can supply power for any electricity equipment in your house from laptop, refrigerators or large screen plasma TV.
If you are on the high and far places such as on the top of the mountain and you want another power source but not the sun, Tesla generator is a perfect choice for you because of its advantage.
Bring it with your camping and you can enjoy a cellular energy source which is free. It is with you every steps and light your tent whenever and everywhere even when you are in the middle of the wild forest.
And the most important is that you can built it in your free time.
It takes you only 1 or 2 hours to create your own Tesla generator. It is very simple and quickly. Tesla generators will help you save you money on electricity by 60%. And I am sure you will be satisfied as many people have used it.
The link below will help you have more information about Tesla generator. Click and hold it :

Offline evolvingape

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Re: Power Saving Tips - Tesla Free Energy Generator
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2011, 07:05:20 PM »

This "secret" was also posted here over 6 months ago with a genuine enquiry as to its integrity:

Here is a nice overview of the scam:

And here is the new page for all known scams covered by open4energy in the link "Directory of Energy Scams":

It is pointless to delete the threads and ban the @ssholes doing this, they just open a new account and start again!

I propose that we use the beautifully worded drivel they compose to appear in internet searches to suck people in... to instead WARN PEOPLE that the only thing they will get from this "product" is a reduction in their bank account to the amount of -$47

I have now posted this reply in ALL 4 of this SCUMBAGS threads he has started this week...

It amazes me that these SCUMBAGS are so moronic that they actually come to one of the few places on the internet that will know it is a SCAM... to publicise their product.

An all new level of STUPID!  ;D

RM :)

(edited to remove reference of scumbag from a genuine enquiry as to authenticity of device)
« Last Edit: August 27, 2011, 11:24:46 PM by evolvingape »