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Author Topic: two patents on six machines designed to convert gravity to mechanical energy.  (Read 34434 times)

Offline telecom

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Or save yourself hassle and go  to

The US patent office is a pretty shoddy place. If a patent has been accepted by the EPO, then that means something more.
I really don't see how this idea can work. the problem is that on the depth, for example, of 1 meter, the water pressure is .1 atm, which requires a considerable force to overcome.
On the other hand, there is no much force available because the device only works by the difference between sinking and floating, which is not that much.
what do u think?

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Offline Pirate88179

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so i it overunity?

any demonstration ?

Answer to question number one: No.

Answer to question number two: No.

I hope this helps.


Offline brian334

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This is so daum.

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Offline jane

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I don't understand why the patent office would issue a patent on something that can not work.

Offline gyulasun

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It is the income they take from the patent fees, renewal fees etc what counts for them: such system insures a sure and regular sum... nothing else counts any more. And this is also country specific. And they do not ask for demonstrating a working prototype either, and this was not obligatory already in the last century either.  (the "No model' statement is very often seen in the 1870 or later patents).   Surely there can be other "rules" which if are met a patent is granted.

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Offline sparkmen

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if reading patents recorded from the begining (i think 1830), starting with the very 1st us pat 1, formulae is  "I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the nature, construction, and operation thereof".
something changed meantime and bocome something like " it may work that way, or that way.etc".

to be on topic , few years ago I made small toy  , as attached , and behaved very surprising , yet not in disagreement with present physics.

cylynders were made of aluminium tube recovered from shaving foam spray
between the cylinders connected a flexible tube, abt 3mm diameter and end of each tube connected to a small flexible baloon(no matter the collor :)) and made fast to a rigid bar that turn around pivot point.

fill with water till abt 100ml into one baloon only and full pipe, another baloon squezed till no air remain in the system and then seal.
the "piston " were made of lead weights , may be a 50g, both the same, glued to a round washer that just pass nicely inside cylnder and glue also on the baloons.
 initially the system is as per continuous line drawing, obviously the heavy part in right side dawn.
G1 start to move down and pushes thw water up , G2 is also comming down and create a slight vacuum , helping water even more to rise.
if you hold the system locked,full  water transfer will be completed and releasing the system will rest somewhere the dotted line is.
to continue with rotation is needed to bring g2 where G1 was .
I've only made one set at that time and forgot already about it, may worth to try a bigger scale with more connected arms.

even IF will work, cannot say that is perpetuum mobile, still need the gravity to work, right?
about "converting" , not sure is the proper way of saying, earth will  loose nothing gravity wise

Offline jane

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There is a difference between something that might not work, and something that cannot work. As I understand patent rules they will not issue a patent on something that cannot work, so therefore the patent office must think this might work.

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