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Title: Searl Effect General Variants (SEG) like the Magnetic Energy Converter (MEC)
Post by: telemachus on July 17, 2011, 09:32:43 AM
Hi folks,

I'm a researcher based on the west coast and I've been following
the news about the Magnetic energy converter (MEC) built by Roshchin and Godin and Paul Murad’s and Morgan Boardman’s Morningstar partial replication of the MEC. These devices are all variants of Searl effect generators (SEG's) and are purported to produce anomalies such as partial weight reduction (antigravity), temperature drops of several degrees, and also magnetic anomalies up to 15 meters away. (More info at this article on the MEC/Morningstar device: (

I'm just wondering if anyone has started researching this seriously. I know the website sometimes has "open source" groups in order to further research of devices such as Tesla coils and other "over unity devices", but I have not seen any discussion groups about the Russian magnetic energy converter or the Morningstar Energy Box.

It would be great if there were discussion groups of the MEC or the Morningstar device. Maybe we could start an online discussion group about this on Yahoo groups??

I research alternative energy devices (zero point energy, Geet device,
Rodin coils etc, anything that can tap excess energy from the aether) so I am definitely interested in hearing from others about the MEC/Morningstar devices.