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Author Topic: Water  (Read 2509 times)

Offline raburgeson

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« on: July 04, 2011, 10:19:07 PM »

What's wrong with this? It shows Hydrogen being attracted to a molecule that has it's supposed electron fix by having attracted 2 Hydrogen atoms.

If the borrowed electrons are orbiting the oxygen atom then why would one side of the Oxygen atom be negative? Why isn't the entire atom neutral? It would be if this theory is credible.

The first electron telescopes measured the water molecule at 105 degrees. I accept that it may have been off 1/2 degree and the measurement might be fine tuned to 104.5 degrees now. However these measurements make no sense. If atoms have electron shells that rotate at zero, 45, and 90 degrees to the prime or first orbit of and atom, why then 104.5 degrees average?

It is said that an atom or molecule is lossless in energy because it is a closed loop. It can do this because the impedance is one hundred percent. It can't be one
hundred percent if the orbits of the electrons are not perfectly aligned. Energy would be converted each orbit as the electron path has to curve to move from atom to atom. Also what energy holds the Hydrogen atoms off the orbits of the Oxygen atom. 0, 45, 90, 135, and 180 degrees are not equal to 104.5 degrees.

Convalescent bonds as described cannot exist.

If the new theories like string theory were correct then the 2 positive charged Hydrogen atoms would repel each other to the opposite sides of the molecule. It
would look like a Carbon Dioxide atom. It looks like the new theories are a form of disinformation to stop people for arriving at the correct answer too.

Current fusion reactors are dangerous. If they were kept up correctly or all of them were new they would still be dangerous. They are trying to white wash the truth. Right now while they bury the horror story of Fukushima here in the west the radiation is still accumulating. Haven't you heard Europe complaining. It's not
just going over North America and falling out in Europe. They are shutting down and removing radiation detectors all over the United States. I don't know about Canada. I assume they are too. Here they are raising the limits of exposure to dangerous levels. Right now we have the threat of 2 flooded reactors and the fire
around Loss Alamos Labs. While the whole country watches that which of the other reactors in the country might go up in smoke at any moment? Or worst yet have an accident they don't even report. There is tritium in the ground water in the U.S. Where did it come from? Do you remember an accident reported that explains this. You don't even know which reactor is responsible. They run these with no over sight. Nuclear regulation and safety is a myth. It's there to protect the system. The system is there because they have complete control over the fuel. You can't handle it, they have a monopoly. This is not going away, it's a clear and present danger. Don't you let it go away.

I believe there are several safe nuclear reactions that can be used. It's a big periodic table. The E-Cat starts with stable nickel and ends with 2 stable ion
forms of copper. It is one shining example of what we should be doing.

Conspiracies are not a theory. A fusion process was kept off the market that was developed here in the U.S. more than a decade ago. It required .050 inch thick
Palladium. The Palladium being produced after the discovery was not pure enough to replicate the process. All of the producers did this. There was a
conspiracy. You all have leave your state of denial and face up to the slavers you are allowing to have control over your lives.

They have known better for decades and have hidden the truth from us. They know how it really works. If not before they learned the truth during the Manhattan Project. After studying heavy water with equipment that the civilian world has been denied access to because is a matter of national security they learned a lot and hid the lot from the public. Now anyone that really wants to developed an atomic bomb will. They can no longer hide information for that reason.

Keep asking yourself, how did tritium get in the water table in the U.S.?

Water pollution. There is no shortage of water. There is a shortage of clean water. Right now the Missouri River and Mississippi River are flooded. Yes there
is a drought in the South. If the water was clean you would not hear of crazy ideas like piping irrigation water from the Great Lakes. They would be discussing
piping from the rivers. The general population did not cause this problem. Industry, bad technology caused this problem. Heavy metals is the main culprit.
Plastic is the worst technology I can bring up as an example with it's industrial hormones. Fossil fuels are not fossil fuels. The combination of energy,
(the Schumann resonances) being the most prevalent and the heat and pressure cause complex hydrocarbons to form. That does not mean we should be using oil now. Not after a century of use. Have you ever heard of to much of a good thing? We should have gone on to different solutions decades ago. We are damaging the environment. Right now when there are no jobs is a good time to get on with it and move on to the types of energy they are hiding from us. Yes they are hiding many types of energy production. Remember the Palladium? They count on you to forget and buy the story they tell. I'm telling you,
Never forget and never forgive.

Agriculture has to be moved into this category. Agriculture has been defined as a science now. What that means to you is these big farms that are supposed to be the way of the future because they can protect the food supply from harmful contaminations and produce more are none of that. The food recalls are of
tremendous size and dangerous chemicals are involved in the production of the foods. They are also a major source of pollution for your waters. You have pesticides and herbicides running down your rivers and streams. You have easy to attack mega farms. What about the chem trails. We have right now started testing them for corn pollen and will continue the rest of the year. We are suspicious, our rivers and streams were choked with corn pollen last year. The GMO crowd may be giving much more support to the plants and seeds that they sell than they publicize. Corn pollen is an allergen and at the kind of levels we suspect a pollutant. Even with the unfair advantages they are probably giving these plants they are not that productive. The sprays and insecticide they actually produce aren't fit for human consumption either.

You can find all this information on the net except for Monsanto and chem trails, we are investigating that currently. Chem trails are a whole large subject on their own and will be discussed later. There are several patent numbers on the net for them and their chemicals in the mixture define the particular use for them. I step on toes and name names so if admin is in any way negatively approached about this post then admin should report that right on the front page of the forum. Expose them and shine the light on these prime pigs and display them in the public fair where they belong. If they contact you by phone record it. If they approch you on the street pull out you phone and video tape it. If they contact you by email or mail copy and paste it.

Someone else do nano particles and their health effects. I have a lot to do. Should I address mind control or Chemtrails next?

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« on: July 04, 2011, 10:19:07 PM »